This category is for consumer services

Sites in this category will compare prices online to help consumers determine the best price for a product or service and how to obtain it.

Evaluations of individual products or specialist services will be found in the appropriate product category.

Sales sites will be listed in Business or Shopping.

OnLine Price Comparison is the primary function of sites submitted here. That means a reader must be able to make that comparison at your site, even though the results may come from elsewhere.

Evaluations of individual products or specialist services should go in the appropriate product category.

Please see Consumer_Information/

Readers should be able to find a list of sites your service searches; as this function develops, readers will expect a higher number of sites to be searched; currently, a price comparison would reasonably be expected to search at least 10 online stores.

Sites which simply ''click through'' to another comparison site will not be included if the other site is already listed. But if your site features a selection of such options, it will be considered.

inappropriate submissions may be deleted

Websites offering convenient search and/or price comparison services for in-print books.

Generally, automatic searches whereby a user inputs title, author, key words, or ISBN query, and the service then finds matches and/or prices at various on-line booksellers.

Also more-personalized searches where users can request human book-finders to locate or suggest books, category-specific searches, aids for manually searching online bookstores, etc.

Original sites only, no affiliates.