Caving is the exploration, study, conservation and enjoyment of caves and other underground structures. Speleology, caving, potholing, spelunking and urban speleology are all common terms that refer to these activities. Caving is a potentially dangerous extreme sport. It is highly recommended that you contact a local organisation to commence your participation in this fascinating recreation. "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time."
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Cave diving is the exploration of water filled caves using sub-aqua equipment. Cave diving is an extremely dangerous extreme sport even for experienced open water divers. You are strongly advised to join a cave diving organisation and to get suitable training.
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Cave surveying is the systematic mapping and recording of cave passage. It generally results in a 2D pictorial outline of a cave system. Surveying is regarded as a key part of documenting the discovery of new cave passage.
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Speleology directories are web sites that provide links or portals to caving sites. Only quality sites that have a majority of caving related material are included.
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This category includes sites of clubs, local chapters, or grottos, organizations and associations focused on cave-related activities.
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This category features sites of caves open to the touring public and includes privately-owned commercial caves and those operated by national or federal, county, regional and local agencies.
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