A digital library provides users with access to collections of electronic documents, and may contain a number of different file types including text, image, sound and multimedia or any combination thereof. While it may be associated with a physical library, a digital library can stand on its own without a physical counterpart. A digital library may also be referred to as: a virtual library; an electronic library; a hybrid library; or an electronic document collection. Please note that there is separate category for "printed literary texts available on the Internet" called Electronic Text Archives: Arts/Literature/Electronic_Text_Archives.
Please only submit links to web sites that provide entrance into the collections and user services of a digital, non-physical library.

Links to collections of electronic texts should be submitted to: Arts/Literature/Electronic_Text_Archives

Links to sites detailing the digitization of library resources should be submitted to: Reference/Libraries/Library_and_Information_Science/Digital_Library_Development

This should include sites that cover digital library development in terms of management, techniques, methodologies and components.

Links to sites with information about electronic books, including e-book guides, news reports on e-book business and technology, and pages about electronic book readers should be submitted to: Computers/E-Books.