Educational institutions, programs and opportunities related to the Rimini.
This category is only for sites in the English language about educational institutions, programs and opportunities in Rimini. Sites related to one specific sector (as language schools, cooking courses, etc.) should be submitted to the relevant subcategory if available; if no subcategory is available, submission can be requested here. Submission recommendations:
Title: name of institution or company
Description: The specific location, a concise overview of the teaching subjects, certificates released, courses and services, and main features of the web site itself (such as price list, on line inquiry or subscription form, contact information). Notice: Please only submit sites which have an English section, submit sites which are entirely in Italian to World: Italiano. If you are submitting a multilingual site, please submit the entry page URL and provide a language choice on the entry page.
Questa categoria è soltanto per siti in lingua inglese che riguardano il settore Istruzione in Rimini, perciò non suggerite qui siti in lingua italiana, ma nell''adeguata categoria di World: Italiano.