Stockholm was founded by Birger Jarl in the 13th century, and has been the capital of Sweden since 1419. It is also Sweden's largest city. The government, parliament and royal castle are all located here.
Please find the most appropriate sub category for your site, and note that sites that deal with other parts of Greater Stockholm, for instance Nacka or Solna, should not be submitted to the category for Stockholm City.

Webbplatser på svenska kommer inte att listas i denna kategori! De ska skickas till rätt underkategori av World/Svenska/Regionalt/Europa/Sverige/Stockholms_län/Kommuner/Stockholm. Sajter på både svenska och engelska kan skickas till båda kategorierna.

Do not submit sites in Swedish to this category! Instead, please use the link above and find the most appropriate subcategory. Bilingual sites, in Swedish and English, can be listed in both categories.
Contains English-language sites related to arts and entertainment in Stockholm City. Appropriate sites would be those for art galleries, clubs, and local musicians.
If your site is about arts and entertainment in a locality in Stockholm county, other than Stockholm City, please submit it to that location.

If your site is in Swedish, please submit it to the relevant part of World/Svenska/Regionalt/Europa/Sverige/Stockholms_län/Kommuner/Stockholm/Kultur_och_underhållning/.

Webbplatser på svenska skickas till World/Svenska/Regionalt/Europa/Sverige/Stockholms_län/Kommuner/Stockholm/Kultur_och_underhållning/!

This category is for sites about business and economy in Stockholm City. Examples of web sites that fit here are companies, restaurants, shops and other commercial enterprises.

This category is for sites in English only. Sites in Swedish belong in a subcategory of World/Svenska/Regionalt/Europa/Sverige/Stockholms_län/Kommuner/Stockholm/Ekonomi_och_näringsliv

Webbplatser på svenska listas inte här utan ska anmälas till rätt underkategori av World/Svenska/Regionalt/Europa/Sverige/Stockholms_län/Kommuner/Stockholm/Ekonomi_och_näringsliv .

Resources providing information in English, focused on the society and culture of Stockholm City. Examples of what could be listed here are sites about politics, history or local issues, as well as personal homepages focused on Stockholm.
Please submit only sites in English or with an English language version available. Swedish-language sites should be submitted to the appropriate category under /World/Svenska/Regionalt/Europa/Sverige/Stockholms_län/Kommuner/Stockholm/Samhälle/.

Webbplatser på svenska utan engelsk version kommer inte att listas i denna kategori! Skicka dem till /World/Svenska/Regionalt/Europa/Sverige/Stockholms_län/Kommuner/Stockholm/Samhälle/.
This category lists links to sites with tips and help for travellers to Stockholm City. You should also look at Regional/Europe/Sweden/Stockholm_County/Travel_and_Tourism as the sites listed there, with information about the whole county, may have relevant information.
Webbplatser på svenska utan engelsk version måste skickas till World/Svenska/Regionalt/Europa/Sverige/Stockholms_län/Kommuner/Stockholm/Resor_och_turism/!

Only web sites in English will be listed in this category. For Swedish-language sites, please see the link above. Bilingual sites, in Swedish and English, can be sent to both categories.