Links related to Edinburgh, Scotland's Capital city. The intention is to keep as few sites as possible in the top category, so if you're submitting, you may want to find the best place for your site.
This top level category is intended for sites that do not fit into any of the sub categories that are beneath Edinburgh City or any of its localities. If you site pertains to a business then submit it to the Business and Economy category or one of its sub-categories. Submissions for Travel and Tourism fit in that category or one of its sub categories.

If you incorrectly submit your site to this category it may be deleted without review. Sites that are correctly submitted to sub-categories stand more chance of being reviewed at an earlier time due to the volume of incorrect submissions that are received.

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This category includes sites about artistic, cultural and entertainment activities, events, institutions, businesses and organisations in Edinburgh.
Sites for building services should be submitted to Business_and_Economy/Construction_and_Maintenance.

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This category includes sites covering the business and economic activities of Edinburgh, including listings of most companies and industries.
Sites for home repair services should be submitted to Business_and_Economy/Construction_and_Maintenance.

Sites related to the sale of furniture should be submitted to Business_and_Economy/Shopping/.

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This category includes local educational institutions, programmes and opportunities; as well as other educational resources specific to Edinburgh.
Do not submit Colleges and Universities here. They should be submitted to Reference/Education/Colleges_and_Universities/Europe/United_Kingdom/Scotland/
This category includes sites about local government, policing, judicial system, taxation and the military.

Listed in Embassies and Consulates categories are entities such as Embassies, Consulates, High Commissions, Permanent Representatives and de facto equivalents. Information on their formatting, and on the arrangement of related categories, can be found in the FAQ of Society: Government: Embassies and Consulates.

This category includes health and medical resources specific to Edinburgh.
Includes links to maps, photograph sites, live web cams, satellite imagery ... any visual representation of the area.
This category includes sites about magazines, radio and television stations, newspapers and similar media specific to Edinburgh.
Limited to properly licensed radio stations. No pirates, please!
This category includes sites about hobbies, sports and participatory recreational activities specific to Edinburgh; including local recreation organisations, services, facilities and events.
Sites for businesses selling sporting or recreational goods should be submitted to Business_and_Economy/Shopping.

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This category includes sites about the local area's geography, natural environment and wildlife. It also contains sites about local activities, events, institutions and organisations related to science and the environment.
This category includes sites that reflect the make up of the Edinburgh community: its people, its history, and resources and institutions that serve the city's people, such as social service organisations.
This category includes sites providing area transport resources for those travelling to and from, and within Edinburgh.

Please only submit here if your site is specifically about Edinburgh and nowhere else.

Submitting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory.

Submission Tips:

  • Listings are based on location and not area covered.
  • For inclusion we must be able to verify your location preferably by an address and postcode actually on the website.
  • This category includes sites for attractions and resources for those travelling in the Edinburgh area, including tourist guides.
    Please only submit sites directly related to Edinburgh Travel and Tourism.
    This category includes weather-related sites for the Edinburgh area.