Greenland, the largest island in the world, is located at the point where the Atlantic meets the Arctic Ocean. It is surrounded by cold ocean currents which continually cool its coasts. Combined with cold radiating from inland ice, this gives Greenland its arctic climate. The inland ice covers 1,833,900 square km, equivalent to 85 percent of Greenland's total area. At its center, it can be up to 3 km thick. This large concentration of ice represents 10 percent of the world's total fresh water reserves.
Includes sites for artistic, cultural, and entertainment activities, events, institutions and organizations, having a country-wide focus.
For the listing of websites serving as a source of information on area businesses, events, government, history, and the community. Sites offering information specific to tourism or lodging should be submitted to the Travel and Tourism sub-category.
For sites related to human health and wellness, as well as medical resources for the Greenland. Topics may include health care providers, conditions, treatments, mental health, fitness, and long term care.
Sites listed here will be about health services and facilities in Greenland, or health issues related to the people of the country.
Only the most general sites concerning this community should be submitted here.

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