This category is for plant, animal, and bacterial viruses. Viruses are non living small protein molecules. In the environment they are harmless, however, when they become into contact with a host cell from a plant or animal a sequence of degenerative events occurs. The virus inserts its own genomic material into the host cell and initiates DNA or RNA replication. The host cell burst spreading virions to infect other cells. The most common virus people are affected by is called Influenza. The category will cover a range of virus diseases, replication, database of structures, current research, images, and organizations.
Please submit only sites dealing with virus information. Sites promoting virus detection kits, reagents, and equipment should be submitted to the shopping category.
This category is for specific research centers focused on viruses. The research work must look at a range of virus properties such as its pathology, diagnosis, and immunization.
Please submit sites from universities and institutions which publish journals.

Please submit non English written sites to the World Category.