This category deals with all research-related sites that are about psychology in general or cover more than one area.
Please read the descriptions for each of the sub-categories first. Sites which fit into more than one of these sub-categories can be submitted here. Research labs or groups should be submitted to the appropriate area of psychology. Research studies or experiments should be submitted to Tests and Testing (particularly Online Experiments).
Methodology is the way a study is designed. In other words, what is manipulated and/or measured. The methodology affects the conclusions that can be drawn.
Sites submitted here should be aimed at Psychologists. Those for Social Scientists in general should go in Science/Social_Sciences/Methodology. Sites may deal with research methods in general or with specific methodologies that are useful to more than one area within Psychology. The sites should primarily focus on the method(s) itself such as why and how to utilize it. Sites focusing on the research being done with the method should go in the appropriate area of Psychology.
Many psychological researchers use software to assist with their research. The software may be entirely internet-based, or installed on individual computers. It may assist with managing participants, developing materials, presenting materials to participants, or any number of other activities.
This category is for sites selling or offering software that assists researchers in psychology in conducting studies. It must be relevant to researchers in multiple areas of psychology, or it should be submitted to the particular area which utilizes it. Software that assists with conducting surveys and is not otherwise psychology-specific should be submitted to Computers/Software/Marketing/Surveys.
In psychology, statistical calculations are used to determine whether a particular variable has an effect on another or whether they are related in some way.
This category is for statistics sites created by and intended for psychologists or psychology students. In other words, sites in this category should use examples from psychology and emphasize the statistics most common in psychology. Note that it is likely these sites would be of use to other behavioral scientists as well. However, sites that are created by non-psychologists or are of a broader scope should be submitted to Science/Math/Statistics.
Writing refers to papers, dissertations, and all types of journal articles.
Sites about any sort of writing in psychology, or geared specifically toward psychologists, should go here. Sites only about reference citations should go in Arts/Writers_Resources/Non-Fiction/Researching/Citation_Guides .