Solar power harnesses energy from the Sun. We obtain electrical energy from photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight. We obtain thermal energy from the sun either directly or indirectly through systems that collect the heat and transfer it to other things such as air or water. In the most formal sense “solar panel” refers to devices that harness thermal energy from the sun and transfer it to a medium such as air or water. Further, photovoltaic cells, solar cells, photovoltaic panels or PV panels refer to devices that convert sun light energy into electrical energy. However, you will often find common language references of both kinds of devices as “solar panels”. This category contains non-commercial, scientific and educational references to solar energy science and engineering (technology) and the advancement of using solar energy by mainstream society. Topics include solar electrical energy and solar thermal energy technologies.
Before submitting a site to this category, be sure to read the related descriptions. Failure to submit to the most specific and appropriate category can delay the consideration of your submission.

Information on renewable energy itself, but not primarily relating to solar energy technologies, belongs in the main category on Science/ Technology/ Energy/ Renewable/.

Please submit sites relating to solar and renewable energy only. This category is generally for non-commercial, education, and government references sites.

Business/Product sites dealing with solar and renewable energy, selling of solar and renewable energy products, and commercial sites linking to these types of sites should be submitted to the category Business: Energy: Renewable: Solar.

This category lists sites dealing with the use of solar energy in cooking. Solar cooking offers an alternative energy source for barbeque's.
Commercial websites are listed within Business orShopping.
This category is primarily for education. It lists sites with information about the science, application, and production of supplies and equipment for solar electric (photovoltaic) systems. It is limited to non-commercial sites, and some commercial sites with good base of information. For retail, manufacturers, wholesale etc., see the appropriate category.
Please submit only sites dealing with information about the science, application, and production of supplies and equipment for solar electric (photovoltaic) systems. Commercial sites selling photovoltaic-related products and not having a good base of information should be listed in the appropriate category under Business.
NON-COMMERCIAL sites that deal with using solar energy for water heating, heating in general, and the use of solar energy for home improvements and the heating of homes.
Only non commercial (non-businesses) should submit here. This section is for reference information about Solar Thermal. Businesses should submit to: