Grass skirts. Kimonos. Wooden clogs. Sombreros. These are all recognized as traditional garb, or clothing evolving from a particular regional area. We just wouldn't suggest wearing what you buy here all at the same time - unless odd looks are what you're after. :-)
Submissions to these categories are organized by what is *sold*, not where a store is physically located. So if your store in Antarctica starts selling Hawaiian shirts, please submit to the North American category. Likewise, saris sold in Poland would be placed in the category for Asia. But hey, if you do sell Viking Hats in Norway, it''s still okay for you to add to Europe; we won''t force you to pick a different continent. ;-)
Please submit sites selling goods which qualify as native-made under the American Indian Arts and Crafts Act to Native-Made. Other sites may be submitted to Native-Inspired. If the artists and their tribal affiliations are not identified on the website, it will not be listed as Native-Made.