The Society section covers the areas of human interaction and people's thoughts, speculations, and aspirations about the world in which they live. It includes topics directly about people, experiences inherent to being human, people's relationships with each other, and people's perceptions and understandings of the universe.
Sites with adult content which is not of an artistic, educational, or informative nature are not permitted in Society, but should be send to the Adult tree. In general, sites whose primary purpose is online shopping should be sent to the Shopping tree, and those with a narrow geographic focus are best placed under Regional.
Activism "emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue" according to Merriam-Webster. Note: A few sites listed here may advocate activities or contain material that some people may find offensive.
Please submit in the most specific category your site fits under, i.e. sites about a single topic should be submitted under that topic, and those focusing on a specific geographic area should go into the relevant regional category.

This category should only contain sites that have some details as to "what you can do" politically, action that people can take, or have taken. A site offering primarily general information or education on a subject should be submitted to Society/Issues. A site about a particular political grouping or ideology or which emphasizes electoral and governmental actions should be submitted via Society/Politics.

Sites that respond to readers' requests for advice, whatever the topic - unless a ''specialist sub-category'' exists.

Please read the category description and look at the sites already listed. Also, you might like to browse the ''sub-categories'' - one of them might be more appropriate.

Self help and support sites do not belong here - Try: Self Help or Support Groups )

If you are not sure, submit in the category you feel is closest.

Sites and categories about criminals, particular types of crime, or criminal activity, and justice systems.
Before submitting to this area please be sure you have done a search or have browsed the subcategories first and have made the appropriate choice for your listing.

Sites must contain unique content in order to be listed.

Sites dealing with controversies or issues surrounding crime, law enforcement, and related topics should be sent to Society/Issues/Crime_and_Justice

Private investigations belong in Business: Business Services: Fire and Security: Security: Investigation: Investigators

Sites submitted here must be in English. Non English sites should be submitted to a WORLD category.

Sites related to the issues surrounding Death and Dying.
Websites pertaining to death care should be very user friendly to the elderly, as they are the most likely to be using them. Things such as colors, text size, universally compatible to older browsers and computers, fast load time, etc. will be taken into strong consideration as factors regarding possible listings.
People with disabilities - how they live, learn, work, play and travel. Also disability news, studies, information, and statistics.
People with disabilities - how they live, learn, work, play and travel. Also disability news, studies, information, and statistics.

This section offers categories organized by their focus on specific racial and ethnic groups. Please take the time to locate the most appropriate subcategory prior to suggesting a site. An Ethnic Group is a category or group of people considered to be significantly different from others in terms of cultural (dialect, religion, traditions, etc.) and sometimes physical characteristics (skin color, body shape, etc.).

Sites listed in Society/Ethnicity will focus on a particular Ethnic Group''s culture (i.e. traditions, history, arts, religion and education).

Do not submit sites here in languages other than English or sites about countries or other regions which are served by a category of the Regional hierarchy.

The traditional beliefs, legends, customs, proverbs, riddles, music, dance, stories, and other lore of various cultures which were passed down orally from person to person through the ages.
This category is for speculation and research about the future, including competing views by futurists.
This category is for English-language sites that offer speculations, research, and theory related to the idea of "the future" or futurist thinking.

If your site offers psychic services go to Society/Paranormal/Psychic and submit to the most appropriate subcategory there.

If your site is in a language other than English, start at World and submit to an appropriate category under the language of the site.

The Society: Gay,_Lesbian,_and_Bisexual/ category is intended for sites related to gay, lesbian, bisexual as people, their sexual orientation, lifestyle choices, sexuality, gender issues.
Please submit sites to the most appropriate category.

Sites with adult content which is not of an educational, informative, or artistic nature are not permitted, but should be sent to the Adult category.

Sites primarily offering online shopping should be sent to the Shopping category.

Sites with a narrow geographic focus are best placed in a Regional category.

Sites relating to transgenderism are located in the Society: Transgendered category.

This category contains sites concerning genealogy and the study of family histories, including specific family surnames and genealogy related to specific geographical areas.
Please review the subcategories and select the most appropriate subcategory for site submission. Do not submit one site to multiple categories. Regional Genealogy sites should be submitted to their correct country and location.
The government sector: resources related to the "business" of governing, sites of and about world and interregional governing bodies, and links to "government" categories elsewhere in the Curlie Directory.

Do not submit

  • State/provincial or local/municipal government or legislative representative sites; these should be sent to the appropriate Regional category.
  • Political campaigns, candidates, or organizations; these should be submitted in the appropriate subcategory of Regional, Society/Politics or one of their related categories.
  • Sites in languages other than English; all such sites are placed in an appropriate category in the World/ hierarchy. A list of Government categories in other languages, is displayed in this category.

To find your city''s Government category

  1. Select your country in Regional/Countries, e.g. /Regional/North_America/United_States/.
  2. Select your state, e.g. /Regional/North_America/United_States/California.
  3. Within the Localities subcategory, select the city, e.g. Regional/North_America/United_States/California/Localities/W/Walnut_Creek.
You may also use the directory''s search engine to find the category.
History, in brief, is the humanity which explains the human condition based on the chronological record of significant events and their related causes.
Sites about local history are usually placed in the appropriate subcategory of the Regional hierarchy.

Do not submit sites about local (e.g. town, city, county) history unless pertinent to an event or place of national or international significance. For example, a site about the founding of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is Regional in interest, whereas a site about the course of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, a turning point in the American Civil War, would be accepted into the Society/History category of the same.

Society/History is best suited to academic or scholarly sites devoted to history of civilizations, or of particular branches or philosophies of history.

Sites listed in this category explore holidays from a general perspective--i.e. photography, why people celebrate, discussion forums related to holidays in general, and so forth. Sites that provide holiday-specific information for multiple holidays are listed in the Holiday Pages subcategory. Sites that focus on a single holiday are listed in corresponding sub categories.

Sites created especially for children may be found in Kids_and_Teens/People_and_Society/Holidays_and_Special_Days.

Holidays include patriotic and cultural celebrations, as well as other special occasions such as birthdays.

Sites which focus primarily on the religious aspects of holidays are listed in Society/Religion_and_Spirituality.

ATTENTION: Please DO NOT submit sites on vacation spots in this category.

Few sites are appropriate for this category. Please review the subcategories carefully before making your submission.

Submit sites that have individual pages or sections for a number of holidays to the Holiday Pages subcategory.

Submit sites that list holidays or tell when the holidays observed by a certain people group to the Calendars and Lists subcategory.

Submit sites that focus on a single holiday to the corresponding sub-category.

Do NOT submit shopping sites. Sites that primarily market seasonal merchandise should be submitted to Shopping/Holidays. Shopping sites will not be listed in this category or its subcategories. If submitted, they are subject to deletion.

Sites which focus primarily on the religious aspects of holidays should be submitted to the appropriate religion''s category, such as Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Judaism/Holidays_and_Observances or Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Calendar.

Online greeting sites should be submitted to Computers/Internet/E-mail/Electronic_Postcards/Occasions.

No site is guaranteed placement in the Open Directory. Any site still under construction, submitted to multiple inappropriate categories, using multiple URLs for multiple submissions, or consisting primarily of affiliate links to products will be deleted. Thank you for your cooperation.

This category links to sites dealing with every kind of social and political issue and controversy.

Important Notes - Please Read:

Failure to submit to the proper category will entail significant delay in the review of your site.

Please do not submit your site here unless it is a very deep site with lots of content that covers virtually every major issue.

Please look through the subcategories to find the appropriate place for your site. Doing this will get your site reviewed much more quickly, saving several weeks or more in many cases.

Personal pages covering multiple social issues should be submitted to the Personal Multi-issues Pages subcategory.

Personal political homepages should be submitted to the Politics: Personal Pages subcategory.

Thank you for your cooperation.


This category is a resource for law-related websites, including law firms, legal information, primary legal materials, paralegal services, legal publications and technology, expert witnesses, litigation consultants, and other legal service providers.
Sites for national, state, provincial, and other local courts should be submitted to the proper location within Regional.
Categories and sites for alternate lifestyles, intentional and utopian communities, and specific practices.
This category is for general information about the military. Sites focusing on the military of a particular country should be listed in Regional instead of here. Sites must be in the English language.
Please submit your link to the most specific sub-category possible. Very rarely will a link be added at the Society/Military level. Failure to submit your link to the most specific sub-category possible will likely result in a delay of the site being listed.

If your site contains information specific to one country, please submit it to the Government/Military category of that country.

Sites must be in the English language.

English language web sites of non-profit and non-governmental organizations, as well as links to other directory categories for organizations and clubs not of a business or governmental nature. The first grouping of subcategories including resources for the non-profit sector. The second grouping holds sites and links to organization categories in other parts of the directory.
Please find the most appropriate subcategory for your site. Sometimes, your site may be moved to a related category, for instance, Trade Associations web sites should be submitted to Business/Organizations/Trade_Associations.

Please send non-English sites to the World hierarchy.

The editors reserve the right to omit from the index sites which are submitted more than once to the same category, sites under construction, or sites which belong in other categories.

The paranormal deals with that which cannot be scientifically explained. ESP, Extraterrestrial Life, Psychic Powers, Ghosts and other topics are covered here.

Please suggest only English language sites. If your site is in another language than English, please suggest it in World under the appropriate language.

Please Do NOT suggest your site more than once. This includes multiple pages from your site. Website suggestions should meet the guidelines of the category to which you are suggesting. Please take a moment and find the best subcategory.

If the site is under construction, please wait until the site is ready to view before suggesting it.

Thank you.
People in their many shapes, sizes, and appearances.
Broadly defined, philanthropy is goodwill to mankind as demonstrated by the readiness to promote human welfare. The Philanthropy category in this directory provides an overview of the philanthropic sector, including guides and directories and methods of giving.
This is a resource directory.

Please submit sites of individual philanthropic organizations in the correct subcategory, such as Society/Philanthropy/Organizations, Grant-Making_Foundations, or Youth/Organizations/Public_Service.

Please DO NOT submit sites under construction.

Philosophy, from the Greek words philo (love) and sophia (wisdom), refers to the rational inquiry of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, and conduct. Its traditional main branches are metaphysics, the study of the ultimate nature of reality, epistemology, the investigation of the origins and limits of knowledge, ethics, dealing with morality and justice, and aesthetics, the study of beauty in the arts.
Sites submitted to this category must be philosophical in nature, and deal with periods or personalities in philosophy.

Popular metaphysics, as is usually dealt with in religiously-oriented sites, theology, and New Age philosophies are better suited for categories in Religion and Spirituality. This includes psychic readings, ancient Egyptian religion, crystals, UFOs, and alien abductions, the I Ching, etc.

  1. Please submit personal philosophy to Society: Philosophy: Personal Pages or Society: People: Personal Pages.
  2. Only English-language sites are listed here; all others must be sent to the appropriate World/ category.

Politics is the art of reforming a society through public policy, and a hallmark (and curse) of civilization.

For organizational purposes, the Society/Politics branch is devoted to ideology and to the practice of politicking, i.e. electoral and legislative activities such as campaigning and lobbying.

Grassroots, protest, and "direct action" activities are placed under Society/Activism whereas education, information, and advocacy regarding specific issues are placed under Society/Issues.

Sites about specific candidates and campaigns are generally placed in the Regional/ branch, while sites suitable for scholarly use are placed in Science/Social_Sciences/Political_Science.

Please submit only English language sites into this branch.

Websites about interpersonal relationships, including but not limited to romantic relationships.
Sites suggested must be in the English language. If the site is in a language other than English please suggest it to the best category in World
Religion is a social phenomenon involving systems of shared practices, views, symbols, and moral values. Spirituality focuses on personal connections perceived non-physical phenomena, with or without the direct influence of a religion or a set of organizationally imposed views. Please see the category FAQ for more detail on the category and editing in it.
Educational or information sites about human sexuality and sexual practice.

NOTE: "Sites with adult sexuality content which is not of an artistic, educational, or informative nature are not permitted in Society."

Instead, that material should be placed in the Adult category. This includes "Adult Oriented Personals," "Adult Novelties," XXX, hardcore, porn, etc. If the site is meant to arouse, not only to inform, it belongs in Adult rather than Society/Sexuality.

Although there is no universal agreement as to what constitutes adult material, any notice on the site that the visitors to the site must be of any minimum age -- 18+, 21+, or not minors -- is a strong hint that this site needs to go to Adult. Other hints can include PICS labels over 1, explicit keywords, and "the company the site keeps," the sites that it links to, advertises, maintains reciprocal links to.

See the Adult category FAQ for more details.

Continual submissions of adult sites into Society/Sexuality/Society/Sexuality may result in said sites being banned completely from the directory.

Take a walk outside your world just a second, not out of your office or out of your house but almost into a different plane of existence. This has nothing to do with subcultures of society. Confused? Good. Brush away any ideas you have of sterotypes and labels this is the world as it actually is in full choromatic glory, candid and honest views on how reality shapes real people.
Any sites that can offer an opportunity to gain support, or give support, to people dealing with these issues. This may include forums, email lists, personal homepages. Groups and websites to help people cope with the troubles of life, or at least feel less alone. For disease-related support groups, see Health/Consumer Support Groups. A regional listing would be appropriate for information about a support group that primarily is about when and where a group meets in person.
Submit sites critical of the goals or methods of specific support groups or of support groups in general.

This category does not list sites for support groups. Websites that describe an alternative support group belong in the category for that group as found in Society/Support_Groups.


If the site belongs in Support_Groups : Opposing_Views, see if there is an appropriate sub-category here.

Transgendered individuals are those who have a gender (a mental measure of masculinity, femininity, or something else entirely) which does not match their sex (being physically male or female). This category includes resources for transgendered individuals, and information about transgenderism in general.
Please submit your site to the most appropriate subcategory for it''s subject, and if applicable, the orientation it focuses on.

Pornographic websites are not permitted in this category. Submit them to the most appropriate category in the Adult directory.

Explanations of common terms used in transgender issues are available in the FAQ.

Focus is on work as a part of life: the work ethic, balancing work with family life, work schedules, etc. Access to work-related categories elsewhere in the directory.