Please submit only sites dealing with the history of medicine. Any aspect is welcome. However, there is a separate category for the history of nursing, at Health: Nursing: History; and for the history of healthcare buildings at Arts: Architecture: History: Building Types: Hospitals and Asylums.
Includes museums, libraries, academic departments and research centers devoted to the search and sharing of knowledge about the development of modern medicine.
Includes facilities that are created to provide space for archived materials, antiques, history of medicine departments and research projects.
Category includes associations, networks or other groups that are concerned with expanding and distributing information about the development of scientifically proven medicine throughout the ages.
Includes webpages about groups of people that working together to add to the knowledge about the historical development of the medical science.
Includes scientists, doctors and other contributors to the development of modern medicine.
Submit webpages that offer a biographical look into early medical science pioneers.
Please list only sites apply to the history of the development of the science of medicine.
Publications include traditional print journals typically intended for professional audiences, printed magazines typically intended for a popular audience, books, and a wide variety of electronic publications.