We welcome links related to Corporate Operations which (1) Generate concerns about its effect upon Society, (2) which raise concerns about corporation's effects on society or her issues, and (3) seek to address or enlighten the public about corporate operations.

Why? Because corporations, especially multinational ones, have become so powerful.

Therefore, even ones which wish to exercise no harm, may still do so.

This category is intended to go beyond verbalizations to include "other senses," such as murals, dramatizations, and any effective communication about or within the realm of Corporate Operations.

Sites devoted to promotion of Corporations may be included only to the extent that they are relevant to addressing the topic here.

Activist information about Corporate Operations may be included. We seek balance and fairness. We wish to hear from all points of view. As sites submitted to Society/Issues/Corporate Operations enlarges, we expect to have sub categories on Nonprofits, Nationalization, Multinationals, Overcharging, and so on.
For sites that document, argue, confront, discuss policy about the use, prevalence and economic and social influence of advertising by and for business and businesses. The business of advertising is found in Business/Advertising.
This category of issues affecting society is limited to advertising: It''s effects, influence, use, and other factors about it such as regulations of it and policy concerning its use. See the links and related categories for some sense of sites that relate to this topic but are not to be submitted here. For example, history of advertising belongs in Business/Advertising/History. But documentation of the history of the social influence of advertising would likely belong here or a related society category.
Sites in this category present discussion and/or information on agriculture issues.
This category is for sites about alleged violations of business ethics.

Complaints about slow service or dissatisfaction with a product that do not reflect on corporate ethics should be submitted to Consumer Information: Complaints.

Please submit your site to the most specific subcategory possible.
Corporate Accountability is an important issue in society. It is part of more general issues of business. Its specific focus involves: Sites of organizations, institutions, or individuals which are aimed at any of the following: 1. Monitor corporate behavior as it affects human rights, environmental issues, fairness to workers, or other issues of human rather than economic concern. 2. Call to action, inform, or "blow the whistle" on corporate operations relative to #1 above. 3. Provide solutions, alternative ideas to problems above.
Submission Notes Sites are welcomed here which base their conclusions on observable information, which provide observations of actual activities relative to the ethics of corporate operations, or which derive from clear academic or scientific principles to assert opinions about corporate accountability.
Web sites which present one or more examples of incidents or patterns of corporation(s) breaking laws. This information is usually expected to be public and therefore, verifiable in most instances.
Corporate Operations that measure or result in environmental analysis, risk, benefit and improvement. May include corporation's own declarations of improvement in the environment.

Clear and specific evaluations, assessments or reviews of corporate operations from the standpoint of ethical issues such as but not necessarily limited to human rights, environment, fairness, disclosure and other ethical variables are appropriate for this category.

Intended to highlight evidence that corporations can and have been exceedingly unethical historically, in order to support the contention that unbridled corporate power is not in the public interest.
Issues relating to Media businesses (TV, radio, publishers, Internet businesses, etc.)
Studies of the relationships and influences between Nonprofit organizations and Corporate Operations; Nonprofits involved in socially responsible business or investing issues.
Studies of the relationships and influences between Nonprofit organizations and Corporate Operations; Nonprofits involved in socially responsible business or investing issues.