Housing issues covers a spectrum of social and political issues that make it more difficult for people in different circumstances to acquire a home or rent an apartment. The causes of these problems can be quite varied, ranging from the property owner's or landlord's personal bias to the lack of affordable housing within a neighborhood to a lack of income opportunities. Emotional and drug issues can also impact a person's ability to obtain a job that would enable them to pay the rent. Or, a financial crisis may come up and a low-income family could have difficulties in obtaining a financial loan to cover immediate living expenses. The housing issues category contains sites that explain the problems, offers some solutions or lists organizations offering assistance to landlords and dwelling seekers about the laws pertaining to this issue.
Sites in this category include topics that deal with housing as a social or political issue covering topics, such as affordable housing, fairness in home ownership, cooperative living, and tenants rights. If the webpage deals with one of those topics exclusively, please list in the proper subcategory.

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Please submit sites dealing with the broad issue of affordable and low income housing.

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