Policy institutes study a wide range public policy issues and topics; publish position papers; conduct conferences on public policy topics; etc. Their web sites are often good sources of information and opinion on public issues. Some policy institutes are nonpartisan, particularly if they are associated with universities, but most have a particular point of view. Institutes in this category cover the full range of the political spectrum.

This category is for public policy institutes that provide research and issue papers to policy makers and the public on a wide variety of public policy topics. If the site focuses on a specific issue area (i.e., crime, education, the environment, etc.), it should be submitted under that issue area, not here.

At least some materials must be available on the web site without charge.

Websites in this category must be in English.

The ODP does not list redirection or vanity urls. Please submit the url of your webpage''s server only.

Guidelines for submitting sites:

  • Do not type in capitals nor capitalize all nouns.
  • Please refrain from all hype, superlatives, or sales pitches. Any such content will be removed.
  • Submit to the most accurate category possible.