Categories and sites for alternate lifestyles, intentional and utopian communities, and specific practices.
This category is for web sites that explore or study being free from use of personal automobiles; that propose or suggest remedies to automobile use or over use.
Not for business sites.
"Childfree" is used to describe those who choose not to have children. Unlike the term childless, childfree indicates a positive, active decision to NOT reproduce. The pages listed here include personal views, political leanings, humorous anecdotes, support groups, and links to various writings on the subject. The associated newsgroups include and
An Intentional Community is an inclusive term for cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, and related projects for those who choose (i.e. "intend") to participate in them. That is, these communities are organized around a core set of values or belief systems to which their members adhere. Some groups may be utopian and others separatist in spirit, while others are designed to be models for mainstream society to observe and perhaps emulate. Eco-villages, communes and kibbutzes, and Biblical Christian reserves are among the types of communities to be found in this category.
Please submit cohousing organizations, businesses, and networks only to this category. Cohousing communities go in the regional classification under Society/Lifestyle Choice/Intentional Communities.
This category is composed of sites that relate to Neo-Luddism. In addition to sites dedicated to that lifestyle, it may contain sites that provide a historical or humorous perspective on this lifestyle.
Sites that focus on Luddism are welcome, submitting sites with any other content focus may result in significant delays in listing, as they will have to be printed out and hand carried to the editor of the more appropriate category, any more advanced method of transfer would be strictly out of character for this lifestyle choice.
A vegan is a person who does not eat or buy any products made from animals. So, a vegan is a special type of vegetarian.
Voluntary Simplicity is about making a conscious choice to act in a more sustainable and natural way. This is the category for sites relating to such a choice and its benefits and consequences. The term "Voluntary Simplicity" was coined by Duane Elgin, author of the book Voluntary Simplicity first published in 1981. It means adopting a simpler life-style by reducing our consumption in order to help conserve the earth's dwindling resources. Many feel that the simple life is less stressful and more fulfilling -- it's a way to reduce the number of hours spent working for pay and increase the time spent with children, friends, family or contributing to the community. (credit due to for this bit of definition)
Please do not submit frugality and money saving tip pages or products or programs which are supposed to save you money. This is not Voluntary Simplicity. Please see the category description for more details.