Issues affecting women. This includes domestic violence, reproductive health, body image, pornography and discrimination.
Women and gender in international and economic development and developing countries.
Issues with women and women's portrayals in mass media and issues of women working in the media industry.
This category should contain only sites where religion created an issue for Women, for example in the case of honor killings.
Sites which relate to religion and Women in general should be submitted to Society: People: Women: Religion and Spirituality or a category linked over there.
The issues of violence against of women and abuse of women. Includes violence in certain places, and the study of violence and violent behavior as well as non-violent forms of abuse such as psychological abuse or neglect.
Dealing with the issue of pornography from a female perspective. What is pornography? Is it different from erotica? How does pornography harm women?
Submit sites which discuss the issue of pornography as it relates to women and their experiences. No adult sites will be listed, nor will sites with direct links to adult material. This is primarily a research and discussion category for links to information about this topic.
Sites that share information focused on women dealing with issues of addiction.