Advaita Vedanta is a school of philosophy that argues that Truth, or Brahman, is the only thing that is real in this world. Since, mathematically speaking, there can be only one truth, and not two, the adjective 'advaita', meaning 'not two' is used. Vedanta refers to the 'anta', or the end, or summary, of the Vedas, the highly regarded treasurehouse of spiritual knowledge emanating from India.
Only living, individual teachers should be submitted for this category. Organisations that provide teachings in Advaita, whether or not relating to a particular teacher, should use the ''Organisations'' sub-category. Websites relating to traditional (deceased) teachers should use the Hinduism/Spiritual Personalities category.
Web sites for currently living teachers of Advaita who have published material and/or who hold satsangs for spiritual seekers.
Sites owned by organisations that provide on-going teaching in Advaita, whether by regular meetings, retreats, discussion groups or on-line courses. These may be guided by the teachings of a particular Sage but should not be constrained by them.
If teaching is strictly according to a traditional teacher (e.g. Ramakrishna), then the appropriate category for submission would be Hinduism/Spiritual_Personalities/. If the organisation is led by a single, living Sage, then the relevant category would be Advaita/Current_Teachers/.