This category is for all materials relating to or commenting on those movements that recognise the writings of Baha'u'llah as divinely revealed Scripture. The Baha'i Faith traces its origins to the declaration of the Bab in 1844, making it year one in the Baha'i calendar. The Bab was executed by Persian authorities in 1851, but His Dispensation lasted nineteen years, and ended with the Declaration of Baha'u'llah in Baghdad in 1863.
Religion which recognized Mason Remey as the guardian who succeeded Shoghi Effendi in 1957.
The main category for sites featuring general aspects of the Baha'i Faith which has its headquarters, the Universal House of Justice, situated on the slopes of Mt Carmel, Haifa, Israel. Besides representation with the United Nations as an NGO through the offices of the Baha'i International Community in New York, it is represented throughout the world by National Spiritual Assemblies in more than one hundred and eighty one countries, and by local Assemblies in thousands of local government areas. While presently numbering less than 7 million believers, this global span has led to it being listed as the second most widespread religion in the world by Encyclopaedia Britannica.
Religious group which believes that Shoghi Effendi appointed Charles Mason Remey the President of the first embryonic Universal House of Justice.
Other groups or individuals which claim to be Bahá'í, and which largely follow Bahá'í beliefs and practices.
Sites purporting to offer goods for sale which include Baha'i symbols, quotes, or themes.