Humanist groups and other humanist sites. Most organizations listed are associated with the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). Humanist groups associated with the Humanist Movement (Siloist) are listed in a subcategory of their own, and are not associated with the IHEU. Theistic and Christian humanists have their own categories. Explicitly religious humanist and explicitly secular humanist sites should be put in the appropriate subcategory.
Please see which subcategory a site belongs to, and only put sites in the general category which encompass several types of humanism.
Humanism has strong ties to art and art movements. From the era of the ancient philosophers, through the emergence of the Renaissance, and into the present day the influence of Humanist ideas has found outlet in creative expression.
Please submit only sites dealing with Humanism in art, including classical Renaissance and contemporary art work, architecture, music, or other media. Sites selling art related products should be listed under shopping.
Promoting a humanistic Christianity. There's a strong tradition in Roman Catholicism of Christian humanism; some Protestants have also promoted a Christian humanism or a Biblical humanism.
For sites promoting Christian humanism. Sites opposing humanism on Christian grounds should submit to the Opposing Views category.
Organizations where humanists meet together for common purposes.
For organizations and individuals which perform marriages, memorial services and funerals, as well as other life passage ceremonies, with a nontheistic humanist perspective. Also includes sites which provide resources such as sample ceremonies, hymns, and other materials to facilitate performing nontheistic humanist ceremonies.
Nontheistic religious humanism.
Humanist movements and organizations which are explicitly humanist and which claim to be nonreligious or anti-religious. Overall organizations which mean to encompass both secular and religious humanist organizations and members should not be added to this category.
Information on humanisms that also acknowledge and have as a major aspect of their philosophy a belief in a Creator or Supreme Being.
Please submit here ONLY if there are no other religious categories to which the link belongs. Christian humanism, for instance, belongs in Christianity, not here.
For sites and pages which are primarily writings about humanism, including essays and news.
For sites and pages which are primarily writings about humanism, including essays and news. Humanism is not identical with atheism, humanitarianism, ethics, or naturalism -- if the topic is not explicitly humanism, submit to another category. To be included in the humanism category, be sure that humanism is actually mentioned on the page or site in a way that makes it clear that this is the central topic of your page or site. For opposing views, please submit to the appropriate category. For specific humanism (such as Christian humanism) submit to the appropriate subcategory of humanism.