Religious culture of the Jews, one of the world's oldest religious traditions. Premodern Judaism constituted (and traditional Judaism today constitutes) an integrated cultural system of Jewish law, custom, and practice encompassing the totality of individual and communal existence. It is a system of sanctification in which all is to be subsumed under G-d's rule.
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A religious ceremony that welcomes infant Jewish boys into a covenant between God and the Children of Israel through ritual circumcision, followed by a celebratory meal (seudat mitzvah).
Camps for Jewish children or adults to go for recreation and spiritual refreshment.
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Jewish communities and congregations worldwide
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This category is for sites which are specific to a particular type of Judaism, rather than Judaim in general. Here you will find sites about the beliefs, organizations, and activities of the various denominations. Messianic Judaism is not included here, because it is a Christian denomination, listed under Christianity.
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Institutions, organizations and individuals offering these sacred Jewish services.
This category is for information about the Jewish religious calendar, which is based on the lunar month, with leap months inserted 7 times in each 19 years to keep the months and holidays aligned with their proper seasons.
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A major aspect of Jewish observance are the laws of Kashrut. This refers to which foods are permissible, according to Jewish Law, to be eaten by Jewish people, and the specifics therein. Determining what is kosher (literally "fit") for consumption is an extremely complicated process requiring the knowledge of Rabbis with extensive knowledge in this field. In this category we seek to provide information concerning what foods are kosher, where to eat kosher foods, and also how to have a kosher home.

It is highly recommended that your site be actively maintained, as these listings change frequently. Also, it is recommended to include information on who (ie, Rabbinic organization) provides the kosher supervision for a given establishment. This is particularly useful for people who are traveling to verify the kashruth of an establishment.

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Sites relating to Moshiach, the messiah in Judaism.
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Jewish mysticism concerns the direct perception of God within the framework of Jewish belief and practice. The "working" definition of Mysticism is 'a deeper understanding of reality'. Thus, Jewish Mysticism would refer to a specifically Jewish approach to the Ultimate Reality, based upon the revelation to each individual member of the Jewish People at Mount Sinai. The subject of Kabbalah is the study of "the body of The King" - the 'anatomy' of Existence, while Chassidus is concerned with creating a personal relationship with G-d. Kabbalah means "received tradition" and a kabbalist must be able to prove an uninterrupted 'genealogical' line from student to teacher all the way back to basic seminal figures, paralleling the line of teacher-to-student ordination for rabbis, that goes back to Moses at Mount Sinai, and the biological genealogies of the Priesthood from Aaron or the Royal line from King David. In the case of an essentially self-taught "outsider", like the Ari, who recast the Kabbalah in a 'new form' (debatable, since he harkens back to the 'dynamic' terminology of the Zohar and Sefer Bahir as opposed to the more 'structural' approach to the Kabbalah of Moses Cordovero and Nachmanides), the only way he could propound his innovations was after first submitting them to an acknowledged Master who would testify that the new approach was "like old wine in new bottles" and was totally in consonance with the traditions he had received from HIS master. The Ari submitted his system to Rav Chaim Vitale, and Rav Moshe Cordovero - the two leading Kabbalistic authorities of that time - who thereupon accepted the Ari as THEIR master! From that point on, the vast majority of Kabbalists have derived from the school of the Ari, which eclipsed all the other schools. Thus, all other schools of Jewish mysticism which were contemporary with him or came in contact with his teachings later- whether their emphasis was in meditation, prayer, or magic- recast their teachings in line with his. Regarding prayer, though the older nusachs (rites) still exist, the law is that if one prays according to Nusach Ari, he cannot go back - 'One may ascend in holiness, but not descend to a lower level.' Joseph Caro, who wrote the Code of Jewish Law, known as the Shulchan Aruch, which is the definitive arbiter of the Talmudic debates about the correct application of Jewish Law, was a disciple of the Ari. Since his decisions are grounded in the Kabbalah of his teacher, Jewish religious practice is an expression of kabbalah in action.
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This category is for sites with personal religious and Jewish perspectives.
The Jewish tradition in Western philosophy, which is generally held to have begun in Hellenistic times with the Platonist, Philo of Alexandria.
Jewish views on scientific topics or scientific perspectives on Jewish sources. Resources about Jewish scientists.
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Sites pertaining to Jewish celebrations, including weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and other life events.
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Symbols common in Judaism.
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This category is for sites that advertise Jewish cruises, i.e. Jewish singles, Kosher cruises, Passover cruises.
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