The New Age movement is a holistic movement, a diverse collection of people who share not so much one set of beliefs, but rather an optimistic faith in the future, a belief in personal and spiritual growth, and an open-mindedness towards non-traditional forms of spirituality. New Age beliefs are often described as a 'fusion' or 'blend' of some aspects of different established religions, however New Age is not simply anything which cannot be classified by more traditional theologies. It is very difficult to pin down what is, and what is not "New Age", particularly as the term is sometimes used in a derogatory sense by those opposed to this kind of spirituality. Common themes which underpin just about all New Age topics, are the belief in some kind of higher power and an emphasis on taking personal responsibility for one's own spirituality rather than relying upon set rituals or belief systems. As a general basis, some things that New Age is "NOT" include paranormal, psychic, extra-terrestrial, interested in the pursuit of one individual "god", prophetic, biblical, or separatist (among other things). Any sect (or cult) which deems itself as "the only way", or which assumes its members to be "chosen" or special above all others is by definition - not - New Age.
In new age terminology, Ascended Masters are those who are believed to have reached the highest level of spiritual consciousness and have become guides in the spiritual evolution of mankind. Sometimes called the Great White Brotherhood. According to many, they can communicate spiritual truths to humans through channeling or other techniques. Membership includes Jesus, Buddha, St. Germain, Ramtha, Mafu, Seth, the higher angels, and others.
Ascension is the rise of the "Christ-consciousness" in man-kind to the point that the individual is beyond the powers of reincarnation and karma. Ascension is the way to integrate all portions of yourself in a conscious way. Starting with the idea that we are multi-dimensional beings who seeded portions of ourselves into the physical density sometimes called "past-lives".
Breatharianism is the belief, founded by Wiley Brooks, that one can live without food or water, merely by ingesting air or "Light". This is said to increase one's spirituality and lengthen one's life.
Taken from James Redfield's website and mission statement: (The) belief is that there is a growing world wide interest in spirituality that is creating a new spiritual awareness and culture that will flourish in the new millennium. Yet we realize that no one person has the ultimate perspective and so, this Celestine WebSite is dedicated to an ongoing spiritual discussion and the dissemination of ideas throughout the world. Out of this world-wide consensus building human society will continue to evolve ever greater truths that will further spark our spiritual awakening. Ultimately we will realize that we are spiritual beings living in a spiritual world - a world that is precisely designed for the discovery and implementation of our most inspired dreams. Each of us must discover our personal mission and this synchronistic process that can guide us forward for ourselves. Uplift everyone that crosses your path and trust that process...
Information on how to channel, different methods of channeling (mediumship), and shared experiences.
Information on how to channel, different methods of channeling, and shared experiences.

The main category is for pages that discuss multiple channeling topics, or are more general in their approach.

The channeled material subcategory is for sites that display channelings. People should be able to read them from the site.

The instruction subcategory is for sites and people offering help on HOW to channel.

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The place for forums, discussion lists and chat.
A place for New Age Directories and Networking sites. A Directory is an indexed collection of information on various new age topics. Directories of a morefocused scope can also be found here, or under other New Age Subcategories. Networking sites, providing directories of centers, people, and topics also fall under this category. For more information on events, you may want to check the Events and Workshops subcategory, and Global Events, which also is included in that space.
New Age term for the cataclysmic events predicted by Edgar Cayce and others to happen as the earth moves from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. Channeled and intuited information on these changes.
Religious system introduced by Paul Twitchell, said to be based on the ancient science of soul travel or ability to raise one's consciousness to higher planes of awareness to realize the divine consciousness of one's soul. Sometimes called the Religion of the Light and Sound of God. Its name can be translated "co-worker with God". Eckankar members are called ECKists or ECK chelas. ("Chelas" means "student").
This category is specific to schools, distance learning and other educational programs for New Age topics. This may also include workshops, online classes, correspondence courses and retreats.
This category contains sites about the firewalking ritual in the context of cultures and societies. Corporate firewalking programs are based on ancient firewalking rituals, therefore, sites about firewalking as a corporate training and human development exercise are also included in this category.
This category accepts sites about the firewalking ritual in the context of cultures and societies. Corporate firewalking programs are based on ancient firewalking rituals, therefore, sites about firewalking as a corporate training and human development exercise are also included in this category.
Sites which have a humorous perspective on new age topics.
Please do not submit ''opposing views'' sites here. They should be sent to Society: Religion and Spirituality: Opposing Views: New Age. This category is for light-hearted views on new age matters, not for denouncement of them.
A broad category designed for all sites related specifically to lightworking. Most lightworkers strive to achieve ascension, shifting to higher personal and planetary vibrations, and higher frequency spirituality. Some lightworkers classify themselves by color including purple, gold or white.
A directory of Online Newsletters, Magazine, and Publication Websites; all touching upon New Age spirituality.
New Age Meditation is a reflection or contemplation by turning inward toward the self or outward toward nature. It is a quiet time in which one may dwell upon particular thoughts. New Age meditation is specifically about personal growth both spiritually and through holistic health. It is not Eastern meditation, it is not yoga, and it does not mandate following one specific path or belief.
Please submit only sites which have helpful information about meditation as it relates to personal and spiritual growth. Sites selling music or telling ones personal stories should be submitted elsewhere.
Based on the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek regarding ascension and universal oneness.
Sites accepted here must be about or contain teachings from the Ascension path by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
A place for your personal resources for New Age topics. Most of these pages contain a variety of subjects or general overviews of New Age/Metaphysical philosophy. Many are superior in quality to the typical "homepage" in that they contain reference information useful to the seeker, versus just another "My Page About Me." Look for other individual's pages under Alternative Health/Practitioners for personal biographies and services.
Practices, ceremonies, rites or rituals which are new age in nature; this usually means that they will have drawn from and be interpretations of one or more spiritual traditions.
This category if for new age audio cassettes for sale, such as recordings of teachings or classes, or self-empowerment tapes. Only individual promotions or stores specializing in this should be submitted here; general stores which include audio should be submitted to the main new age products category.
This category is specific to information regarding matters of awakening spirit and soul, and the growth and expansion of involvement and awareness of spirit in our lives. Not to be confused with religious or theological themes, spiritual growth is intended to assist those who wish to seek a more peaceful, conscious, and spiritual life for themselves.
Walk-in is a term used by Ruth Montgomery for a highly aware entity from the spiritual dimension who, with permission, enters an unwanted adult human body in order to begin its humanitarian work at once by avoiding living the childhood years. A Walk-In experience differs from a spiritual awakening or Near Death Experience in one important way. The experiencer has the perception that their soul, instead of leaving and the body dying, leaves and is replaced by another. A starseed is an individual with strong memories and connections to lives and existences on other planets and in other forms. Many of these individuals, in reference to reincarnation, have not had many incarnations on the earth plane, or have had a life somewhere else very recently.