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Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. It holds in common many of the beliefs of other religions and philosophies, and considers man to be a spiritual being, with more to him than flesh and blood. Scientology believes man to be basically good, not evil. It is his experiences that have led him to commit evil deeds, not his nature.
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L. Ron Hubbard starts the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health with this quote: "You are beginning an adventure. Treat it as an adventure, and may you never be the same again." Dianetics is a methodology which can help alleviate such ailments as unwanted sensations and emotions, irrational fears and psychosomatic illnesses (illnesses caused or aggravated by mental stress). It is most accurately described as what the soul is doing to the body through the mind. This book is also available in over 50 languages.
"Freezone" or "FreeZone," refers in general to those groups which follow L. Ron Hubbard's philosophy as their path to spiritual health, and who make use of the spiritual technology developed by Hubbard, but who are not affiliated with the Church of Scientology International.
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