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This category is for topics relating to American rules football, by various measures the most popular spectator team sport in the United States. The American game is played by two opposing teams of eleven on a 100x53 yard field, delinated by a goal line and an elevated set of goal posts at either end. The offense must move the ball, by passing or running, ten yards in four plays ("downs") towards the opponent's goal line in an attempt to score. If the line is crossed, they score "touchdown," worth six points; otherwise, possession is yielded; scoring and possession may be accomplished through various additional means depending on the rules of the game in question. Kicking games were practiced in pre-colonial and colonial times under various rules. The first intercollegiate matchup took place on November 6, 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers Universities, but the distinctive rules of American football developed from the merging of the soccer-like rules adopted by Princeton, Rutgers, Yale and Columbia with those of the rugby-like running game observed by Harvard and McGill in the 1870s and 1880s.
Closely related to American or gridiron football, arena football is played indoors on a 50-yard field with 8 players to a team, limited substitutions and no punting.
Please submit sites about the American Indoor Football League (AIFL) and its teams to this category.
Australian Rules Football is a fast growing sport which originated in Victoria, Australia and was originally called the Victorian Football League (VFL). In 1990, due to a number of interstate sides joining the competition, the VFL changed its name to the Australian Football League or AFL, making it a National Sport. In recent years more people have been drawn to the sport from overseas, with 8 leagues competing in the International Cup and 47 countries now involved with the Sport.
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Canadian Football is very similar to American Football with some significant differences. Canadian Football fields are larger and they play twelve to a side. Canadian Football is generally more "wide open" than its American counterpart. Here you will find information about Canadian Football, from Youth to the Pros. In some cases, Canadian football refers to football played in Canada but some teams/leagues follow American rules.
International Rules is a recently developed football code which is a hybrid of Australian Rules Football and Gaelic Football. These latter two codes have quite a few similarities. International Rules was developed primarily so that top-level Irish and Australian footballers would be able to play international matches against each other.
In 1895, when 12 clubs decided to split from the Northern Rugby Football Union, few could have envisaged that 100 years later, the game of rugby league would become the second most popular spectator sport in Britain and spread as far and wide as Australia, New Zealand and even Papua New Guinea. Two teams take part in a game of rugby league with 13 players on each team at "kick off". Each team also have 4 substitutes/replacements available to bring on at any appropriate moment in the game. Each teams "13" is made up of 7 "backs" and 6 "forwards" . The backs are generally regarded as the attacking players and usually have more pace than the bigger more powerful forwards who are usually the "yard" makers. The object of the game is for one team to score more points than the other team. There are 80 minutes in which to do this. A team can score points through scoring a "try" or kicking a "goal".

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Find sites relating to all derivations of the sport of Rugby Union. Rugby Union is governed by the International Rugby Board (IRB). The main game has 15 players and consists of 80 minutes play time. The game has many derivations but all are still governed by the IRB.
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