Definitions: Canoe - a long narrow open boat with sharp ends and curved sides which is usually propelled by one bladed paddles. Mostly constructed from fibreglass, aluminum, wood, or composites. River Kayak (aka whitewater kayak) - a shorter closed craft usually made of plastic and propelled with a two bladed paddle. Usually only designed for one person. Sea Kayak - a longer closed craft with rudder controls which can seat either one or two people. Also propelled with a two bladed paddle. Dragon Boating - large canoes designed for racing. Propelled by many people with one bladed paddles.
Please submit the following sites to the most appropriate (read as, closest) level within the Sports: Water Sports: Canoeing and Kayaking: Regional: branch:
  • Canoe and Kayak rentals
  • Canoe and Kayak travel, trip and tour operators
  • Canoe and Kayak guides and outfitters
Do NOTsubmit these sites to this ''base'' level of Canoe and Kayaking.

Please re-direct submissions regarding canoe and kayak retailers to the Regional": branch. For instance, a canoe and kayak retailer/shop in the United States should submitted the site to the most appropriate locality.

For sites that include information on how to build a canoe or kayak or that relate personal experiences of actually building one.
If the site is about sales of canoes or kayaks or sales of plans or kits for making a canoe or kayak, please submit to Shopping/Vehicles/Watercraft/Boats . If the site is about the manufacture of canoes or kayaks, please submit to Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Boating/Boats/Canoes_and_Kayaks .
This category contains links to sites that serve as a directory to sites related to canoeing and kayaking. For example, this category itself is one of several directories, and as such is a 'directory of directories' :)
Contains sites about canoe and kayaking events.

To avoid delay in listing, please review prior to submission.

Submit websites once to the most relevant category. Multiple submissions or careless submissions will slow the process.
Review the Sports: Water Sports: Canoe and Kayaking category description for submission guidelines.

Only submit sites that are related to kayak.
This category contains links to sites focused on news and media coverage of canoeing and kayaking and its related activities. Sites may include, but not limited to: magazines (print and/or online), publications, books, articles, and related resources that maintain an up-to-date and evolving content.
Official and unofficial sites of professional or competitive paddlers.
This category is for sites entirely, or primarily about whitewater canoeing and kayaking.
Please, only submit sites to this category that are entirely, or primarily about whitewater canoeing and kayaking.

All whitewater RAFTING sites should be submitted to Recreation/Boating/Paddling/Whitewater Rafting. Rafting sites will not be listed anywhere in Sports/Water Sports/Canoe and Kayaking.

Thank you.