Punjabi is spoken mainly in India and Pakistan and ranks 21st in the world in terms of number of people speaking it, about 80 million in all. It is also spoken in UK, UAE, Singapore, Kenya. It is generally classified by language experts into Punjabi (eastern) and Punjabi (western). The sites mentioned in this category are based on the Gurmukhi Script. Gurmukhi Script is the gift of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, the Third Sikh Guru. It is most famous for having been used by Sikh Gurus for Gurbani. Punjabi as spoken in a large portion of Pakistan and which sounds almost similar to listen to is based on Urdu script.
Submit only those languages which have Punjabi content. It may be literature in Punjabi (readable form) or it may even be audio in the form of songs or gurbani. They should be based on Gurmukhi script. Those based on Urdu script may be submitted to the Urdu category.
The site should be in Punjabi