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Served military, total 36 years, Royal Signals [spec op] and Infantry [WO1]. Found the internet when I finished. Assisted at an East Midlands College CCF for 12 years. Still wearing green and black.[50 years] Now a CI with ATC Squadron. Working EALT courses at RAF Wittering also.
Nominated *Most Congenial Editor* *2002 & 2004* Nominated *Most Enthusiastic Editor*2003* *Funniest Editor* 2004 runner up. :-) "Please note that I am a volunteer editor with the Netscape (O)pen (D)irectory (P)roject (http://dmoz.org/), which is the source of this profile. I also edit in BOTW and I have no knowledge of or affiliation with any other directory or organisation where the above details might appear."


Most Long-Winded Editor Runner-Up

Funniest Editor close again/2004/6
If you submit spam/under construction to any of the above cats, they die. The reason there are so many is that I take an interest in these sites more than others. It will help if you enter a description which ACCURATELY states what is on your WEBSITE. This really will help to speed your inclusion, if appropriate. If you write hype, it goes to the bottom of 'MY' list. ;-)
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Best Not nominated Editor Winner 2005

2008 Best Category Editor; denisnelson Runner up.
2012 Funniest Editor Runner up.
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