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I am a Catholic, and have two master's degrees in theology.

I have been on the Net since 1992, slightly before Lynx and Mosaic made the Web popular.

I edit a small section of a religious order's web page, HTMLized a volume of the Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church for Christian Classics Ethereal Library, and handle our academic library's theology web pages. I have made minor contributions to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Project Wittenberg, and the St. Pachomius Library.

Lest all that stuff on the catholic end of the spectrum frighten you, I also speak evangelical, and spent two years in Mennonite Voluntary Service.

I play a musical instrument (badly) and hang out on Usenet.

Oh. "IC XC NIKA" is an inscription sometimes seen on icons, and it means, "Jesus Christ conquers."

Proud to have been voted best Society editor by my peers. Four times. :-)

[Best Society Editor, 2000]

[Best Society Editor, Spring 2001]

[Best Society Editor, Winter 2001]

[Best Society Editor, Spring 2004]

I should also invite you to visit my fellow editor xrysostom.

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