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My name is Rina, I'm proud to be an editor for the Open Directory Project since 2004. I was promoted to Meta in 2009, and KMeta in 2013.
Who runs DMOZ?
DMOZ is hosted and administered by AOL Inc. It is operated by a very small staff responsible for editorial policies and direction, community management and development, and systems engineering. DMOZ is an Open Source inspired, volunteer managed initiative. AOL administers it as a non-commercial entity, and is committed to keeping it a free and open resource via its social contract with the Web community.
How do I become a DMOZ editor?
To become an editor, you need to fill out an application. Go to the category that interests you, then click on the "become an editor" link at the top.
Your application will be evaluated by one of the community's senior editors. We receive hundreds of applications, and review each one individually, so don't worry if it takes several days until you get a response. Please note that we deny applications from time to time, and no application is guaranteed acceptance.

Join us! :-)