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I'm a pianist from Freiburg, Germany. I love jazz in the first place, especially modern and latin jazz. My favorite jazz pianists are Herbie Hancock, Brad Mehldau and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. As to my own musical projects I especially dig to play with this big band and this duo.

My web projects represent a website about jazz standards including a section about fake books, and, as I am a passionate tango dancer myself, a survey of the tango argentino scene in my hometown. Occasionally I also design webpages for friends and family - worth mentioning in the first place my lovely girl friend, a teacher for feldenkrais and tango, her sister, a translator for french and german, and my parents' chemist's shop.

Besides jazz and tango the ODP has taken up a considerable part of my life. I really enjoy to contribute my knowledge in music, arts and dance and help building the biggest human-edited directory in the web