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In my former lifetime of this same incarnation, I worked for Corporate America and lived in many parts of the nation, including Philly, Alabama, Dallas, Indiana, and the Chicagoland area. Currently, I am a writer with a novel in progress. I am from time to time also involved with genealogy, photography, and graphic design projects.

As a native of North Carolina, I've lived in several Tarheel cities, including Jacksonville and Charlotte NC. My favorite place in the universe is Asheville NC. If you have the chance to visit Asheville, you'll see why. Here are some of my favorites including folks who live in Asheville or wish they lived in Asheville or claim they are going to retire there: Analog Guy and Asheville Real Estate and Huntsville Feminist Chorus. Some of the most beautiful property in western North Carolina can be seen from Sunset Mountain or Town Mountain. Try out the fine dining at the Grovewood Cafe near the Grove Park Inn or at John Henry's in downtown Asheville. The best bookstore in town is Malaprop's, an independent with pizzazz. One of the most unique neighborhoods is Montford, a remarkable community featuring historic homes mixed in with a few commercial properties including a quaint coffee shop and several charming bed and breakfast businesses. There are numerous Queen Anne houses, Arts and Crafts homes, a few historic apartment buildings, and some homes designed by Richard Sharp Smith, architect of the Biltmore House. Montford is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and designated as a local historic district by the Asheville City Council.

I serve as a volunteer editor on the Open Directory Project (ODP). If you see this text on any other search engine or directory, it simply means that they use ODP data. I have no affiliation with any search engine. As a volunteer editor, my primary interests lie in building categories in the Regional branch of ODP, especially the smaller towns in North Carolina.

By personal choice and because of time limitations, I don't respond to public feedback. If you would like to report quality control suggestions or find out the status of your editor application, please visit please visit Resource Zone to inquire. One of our editors will be happy to respond. Thanks!