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My interests are fairly broad; they include chess, computers, classical music, literature, games and puzzles, psychology, neural networks...

I hold a Master's degree in Comparative Literature from Utrecht University, one in International Relations from The Fletcher School (Tufts U.), and an MBA from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

I've published two puzzle books in English and two in Dutch, plus numerous computer-related articles (including a JavaScript tutorial as part of a site with information about a wide range of topics, targeted at "beginners" and children).

I currently live in The Hague with my French wife and our two lovely daughters.

I am a volunteer editor on Curlie (formerly called ODP, the Open Directory Project, or DMOZ). If you see this text on any other search engine or directory, it simply means that they use our data, not that I am affiliated with that search engine or directory.

Please note that I have adopted a policy of NOT responding to direct queries in relation to new submissions, URL updates or description alterations via the "feedback" or "send to" option.

All of these changes should be requested in the correct manner: using the "update" link on the page that contains the listing.