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Season's Greetings (all four of them) from Ontario, Canada!

I started at Dmoz in November, 1998, before it was called The Open Directory Project. Still here with the new (name) Curlie and the other volunteer editors.

My editor name (shedragon) is something I began using when I was new online, in 1996. I don't still use it online, I changed to thatgrrl at some point. But, it stuck around here. It's a dragon name, not about shedding in some odd way. I'm not Asian, but I like Japanese art. People assume things about dragons, like being Asian.

I make ASCII art. Text art created with my desktop computer using only the basic characters. My site is - http://asciiartist.com

I photograph old, historical, derelict, and abandoned places in Ontario. I collect books about Ontario history. Not a planned collection, I just kept finding books and taking them home with me. Now they fill a shelf, and a bit.

I'm interested in a variety of things: micro cars, tiny houses, economics, native plants, urban exploration, old postcards, prehistory, future speculation, science fiction, alternative science, the paranormal, trains/ railroads, and I'm an Atheist Witch.