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I'm currently involved in the Internet SEO industry for Attorneys and other industries. I started my internet obsession about 22 years ago running a Telephone Equipment Supply House where we bought and sold Business Telephones and Systems through our web site. When the Internet came around I did a search for these phones I dealt with and noticed no one was selling Telephone equipment on the Internet...so the light went off, and the Sundance Communications web site was created around 1995 or 96. I've added additional content and resources such as a Telephone System Tech Support forum for telephone installers and customers to get questions asked and answered, also added a data base ( got that idea from you know where DMOZ) of Telephone Installers for the users who were buying products and needed someone to install or program their Phone equipment. In 2001 I moved back to Nevada to a little community called Overton Nevada which is on the north end of Lake Mead. After 15 years of learning about the internet, I decided to play in the SEO world trying to follow Google's laws.