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I'm interested in all topics I'm listed at (ok, Nebraska is a favour to a very nice editor colleague ;-) and a lot more. Thus I ended up as an ODP meta editor which I consider a great honor. I have 15 years of experience in amateur wrestling, even more doing club board jobs for my club, some decades of computer gaming (Atari 2600, C64, Amiga, Gameboy, Wii, and PC) and in roleplaying, and ten years in professional software development.

Don't ask me for listing any site except for German Pen and Paper Roleplaying ones (my special achievement cat). If you are submitting a quality site, follow our guidelines, especially regarding title and description and I come across it, it'll be published in no time.


ODP Meta-Editor

Ich bemühe mich, Anmeldungen, die den Richtlinien des ODP entsprechen, zeitnah zu veröffentlichen. Nicht Richtlinien-konforme Anmeldungen erfordern eine Umformulierung des Eintrags, wozu ich mich als freiwilliger Editor nicht innerhalb kürzester Zeit verpflichtet sehe.

Proud Collector of Runner-ups (-:

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