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I am an electrical engineer born in Hamburg and educated in Bargteheide and Hanover who has left ten years ago to work in Tübingen in the wilds of South Germany. Occasionally (not as often as I should) I leave my spot before the PC to hike, work in a local party organization or sail. As a hobby I also experiment with some Perl-script generated sites on ISBN of books in English and books and media in German as well on Unicode and homoglyph issues. I am also an avid fan of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin books.

Note: I am an editor at the Open Directory (dmoz.org). In addition to the directory's main site at dmoz.org, the directory's content, mostly including copies of the editor profile pages is also used by a lot of other sites under the terms of the Open Directory License. As the other sites making use of the Open Directory's data use their own branding (albeit with attribution to the Open Directory on the category pages) it might appear at first glance that editors of the Open Directory, like me, are affiliated with these sites. This is not the case. We Open Directory editors edit only at the original site dmoz.org and we do not have any influence on what, in addition to the Open Directory content, these data user sites publish on their sites. Please also take into account that under the terms of the Open Directory License sites using the content of the Open Directory may do so in a modified form provided that they include a statement indicating this. If Open Directory content appearing on a site other than dmoz.org appears faulty or outdated to you this might result from the site using an outdated version of the Open Directory's content. Some sites update their directory data fairly infrequently, which means that the category page you are seeing on the data user's site only reflects the version of the original Open Directory site of months or even years ago.

Disclosure: Like a great many other Open Directory editors I publish, maintain, contribute to or am otherwise affiliated with some web sites. The section on conflicts of interest in the Open Directory Editorial guidelines allows editors to be affiliated with sites in categories they edit, provided that the editors maintain objectivity in dealing with sites they are affiliated with as well as with sites of competitors. In order for everyone to be able to check on the listings of sites that I am affiliated with I disclose my affiliations in this ODP category.

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ODP Editor Awards Spring 2004 - best quality control specialist