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Some more or less interesting things about me...

I am one of the many voluntary editors with the Open Directory Project and have no affiliations with other organisations or companies that use ODP data. You can find my original profile here. I find editing with ODP a rewarding experience.

I work as a pediatrician in a hospital in Rotterdam. Born in Cardiff (Wales) from Dutch parents. Did my primary school in Eldoret (a town in Kenya) on an English school, secondary / high school on a regular Spanish school near Barcelona in Catalonia (Spain), medical school in Rotterdam, the Netherlands at the Erasmus Medical School. So I speak the languages English, Dutch, Spanish and Catalan :-)

I have added hundreds of new categories to the Open Directory Project but I am especially proud to have created these categories (in three languages):

Health: Medicine: Evidence Based Medicine (Spanish, Dutch) and Society: Philosophy: Philosophy for Children (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese)

The Kids and Teens directory has my special interest.

I won a few awards:

2003 Mozzie - Best Overall New World/ Editor Runner-up 2003 Mozzie - Best New Health Editor Winner 2003 Mozzie - Best New World/Nederlands Editor Winner

2003 Mozzie - Best Editall/Catmv Winner 2004 Mozzie - Best World/Nederlands Editor Winner 2003 Mozzie - Best Overall Kids and Teens Editor Winner

2003 Mozzie - Most Enthousiastic Editor Runner-Up 2004 Mozzie - Best Health Editor Runner-Up 2003 Mozzie - Best International Kids and Teens Editor Winner

Best Editall/Catmv Winner Best Kids_And_Teens kMeta Winner Best Overall World Editor Winner

Best World/Nederlands Winner Best Kids_And_Teens kMeta or kCatmod Winner Best Kids_and_Teens Overall Editor Winner

Ik heb een theologisch getinte blog op: whizky.net.

Ben je redacteur van het Open Directory Projekt en wil je iets van me weten? Je kunt me altijd benaderen via de bovenstaande ICQ en AIM nicks. Mijn MSN gebruikersnaam is echtkansloos [apestaart] hotmail.com.