Cosplay is a popular way of displaying one's fondness for a series, and is most often found at conventions. In cosplay, one creates and wears a costume intended to look like the attire of a favorite anime character. It can include roleplaying as well. Some people prefer to purchase the costumes rather than making the costumes themselves.
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Acme Boyz Cosplay
Photos and reports from a male anime cosplay group.
American Cosplay Paradise
Features a searchable database of members, with photograph galleries, and a forum covering upcoming conventions and costumes
Amethyst's Closet
Personal cosplay website including step-by-step tutorials. Accepts commissions.
Contains photos and Matrix fan art pictures.
Charmed Seed Cosplay
Pictures of original costumes by Beverly. Costumes include Aeris, Yuna, Azmaria, and Rosa.
Cosplay Island
UK cosplay site including member photos, news, tutorials, event reports, and community forum.
Cosplay Kiseki
Photographs and summaries of her costumes, convention reports, and biography.
Cosplay Portraits at Photino101
Cosplay portrait galleries from the FanimeCon, AnimeExpo, Japantown Anime Fair, Metreon Festival of Anime, WonderCon, and other California events.
Cosplay community anime, manga, role-playing games (rpgs), japanese rock (jrock), and japanese pop (jpop) can join. Has a forum and gallery for members to discuss and upload their photos from anime conventions.
Eight of Hearts
A message board for cosplayers, crossplayers, and crossover. Topics mainly focus on anime conventions and costumes.
Francesca Atelier's Cosplay Showroom
Italian cosplayer, costumes sorted by character.
Hitomi Angel Cosplayer
Images from an Italian cosplayer. Profile, message board, and links.
Michi's Cosplay
Costumes organized by anime, video games, and J-pop, with convention reports and photo galleries.
nt2099 Cosplay Underground
Interviews, convention reports with images, and links.
Costumes listed by character. Convention reports and pictures listed by event.
SkyPirate - A-kon Gallery
SkyPirate's photos from various Texas conventions over the years.
Small Wish
Cosplay from an Ah! Megami-sama fan, with a small shrine to the series on the site alongside the costumes and some fanart.
A cosplay tribute site featuring Tristen Citrine and Francesca Dani. Also featuring custom wallpapers, a lot of my own original artwork, hotbar skins and photos.
Through the Mirror: Kenzie-chan's Cosplay
This is my collection of anime cosplay, other costumes, and artwork.
Costuming of Yaya Han. Costumes arranged by genre. Includes construction notes.

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