A multi-storey building constructed on a steel skeleton, provided with high-speed electric elevators and combining extraordinary height with ordinary room-spaces such as would be used in low buildings.
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Building Big
This site explains the construction process of tall buildings and covers facts of a collection of skyscrapers across the world.
An international team maintains this database of tall buildings, navigated by map and list. Also lists construction companies and architects, and supplies news.
Great Buildings: Skyscrapers
Images, information, and 3D models of a selection of skyscrapers around the world from Great Buildings Online.
The High-Rise Pages
Articles, images and wallpapers of the tallest buildings in the world.
How a Skyscraper is Made
Background, history, raw materials, design, and the construction process of skyscrapers, from Thomson Gale's How Products Are Made.
How Skyscrapers Work
This illustrated narrative by Tom Harris from HowStuffWorks explains that the main technological advancement that made skyscrapers possible was the development of mass iron and steel production.
Skylines and Scrapers
Egbert Gramsbergen presents worldwide highrise statistics, using graphs and various ranking methods.
Skyscraper Architecture: Tallest Buildings in the World
Information and pictures of the tallest buildings in the world.
The Skyscraper Museum
Private, not-for-profit, educational corporation devoted to the study of highrise buildings. Exhibits and information on the architecture, materials, and physics of highrise construction.
Skyscraper Page
Dylan presents an illustrated database of the world's tallest buildings. The illustrations drawn to one scale make it easy to compare heights internationally or within a city. Includes dates and architects.
A comprehensive database of Greater Toronto Area construction and skyscraper development activities.
Wicked Tall Buildings
Drawings of skyscrapers from across the world. With a personal touch.
Wikipedia: Skyscraper
A comprehensive article from the collaborative online encyclopedia on the skyscraper's historical development.

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