There are many different facial hair styles and combinations of them, but in general they can be divided into following categories:
  • mustaches
  • chin-whiskers
  • chops or burns
  • chin-curtains
  • lip-curtains
  • circle-beards or goatees
  • chin-whiskers-mustaches combinations
  • full-beards
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Beard Care Blog
Beard care tips, advice on proper beard grooming and how to maintain a healthy beard.
Beard Dude
Beard trimmer reviews.
Beard Emoji
A petition to include beard emoji in in social media chat services.
The Beard Oil Pledge
Bobert Brush writes detailed, unique beard oil reviews from around the world.
Beard Trimmer Reviews
Reviews of trimmers and other related products.
Writing about facial hair, especially beard growth and care. Blog from an online shop.
Guides on beard grooming and tips about beard care. Beard styles with photo gallery, woman's perspective on beards and a collection of 100 famous bearded men.
Different beard styles, information, growing tips, gallery of beard pictures.
A zine exploring bearding. Celebrates the beard grower sub-culture and educates its participants.
Goatee Style
The art, life and humor of a guy and his goatee.
How to grow, groom, and shave goatee beards. Reviews, information, and guides on grooming, shaving, and men's care.
The Handlebar Club
An international club for men with handlebar moustaches. Founded in 1947. Based at the Windsor Castle pub in London, England.
How To grow A Moustache
Provides tips, articles and information about growing and grooming a moustache.
Ministry of Moustaches
Hirsute haven for gentlemen who crave moustachioed buffoonery and upper lip hedonism.
Growing a mustache (or wearing a false mustache) for the month of November in support of men's health.
National Beard Registry
Photo gallery of men's beards. Registrants can submit a photo of their beard.
No-Shave November
A month during which participants forgo shaving in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness.
Organization for the Advancement of Facial Hair
OAFH promotes the advancement of facial hair on all people and equality for all those who grow such. Contains information, history, activities and library.
Urban Beardsman - Beard Brand
Explores topics for beardsmen, including style, grooming, travel, community, and insight from the founder.
The Whisker Club
A beard and moustache club dedicated to having fun and helping the community.
Wikipedia: Beard
History of beards throughout history and their religious significance.
Working Beards
A movement with a goal to increase awareness of benefits of having a beard in any workplace. Supporters can submit a photo of their beard in their workplace as a sign of support.
World Beard and Moustache Championships
Schedule, categories, registration and tickets and accommodation information.
World Beard Day
Celebrated annually with people from every nation and continent gathering together with their beards. It is held on the first Saturday of September.
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