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Book reviews of the first three books of the series
Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club: A Game of Thrones
Summary and review of the book and some artwork, as well as cover scans and awards that "A Song of Ice and Fire" has won.
Digital Attic
Contains a biography of Daenerys Targaryen, information about the Unsullied, the military power of dragons, the battle of Qohor, the battle of Yunkai, and some maps.
Harrenhal: Home of Kings
Contains information on different houses.
Interactive Game of Thrones Map
A map of Westeros and the rest of the known world. Allows to show character movements with filters for book and series progress.
James Randi Educational Forum Thread
Section in the James Randi Educational Forum to discuss the series.
LindaElane & Relic's Fan Site
A short author biography, scans of book covers, bulletin board, personality test and links to reviews.
LindaElane's ASOIAF Character Test
Find out which A Song of Ice and Fire character you are most like.
People's Republic of Quarth
Fanart by Adrienne.
A Podcast of Ice and Fire
A source for everything in the world of the book series. It offers an amalgamation of series news, theories, discussion, and opinions.
A Song of Ice and Fire FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about the series based only on material from the books. No theories.
A Song of Ice and Fire Planet
Informational website about the series containing information on the noble houses, chapter summaries, PoVs, and cover art and maps.
A Song of Ice and Fire RPG
A role playing game based on he world of A Song of Ice and Fire.
Tower of the Hand
An unofficial encyclopedia including chapter summaries, character profiles, family trees, timelines, and articles.
News, information, MUSH, and discussion.
Wikipedia: A Song of Ice and Fire
Wikipedia article on the series
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