John Hughes directed and wrote: Sixteen Candles (1984); Weird Science (1985); The Breakfast Club (1985); Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) She's Having a Baby (1988); Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987); Curly Sue (1991). He wrote: National Lampoon's Class Reunion (1982); National Lampoon's Vacation (1983); Nate and Hayes (1983); Mr. Mom (1983); National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985); Pretty in Pink (1986); Some Kind of Wonderful (1987); The Great Outdoors (1988); National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989); Home Alone (1990); Dutch (1991); Career Opportunities (1991); Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992); Dennis the Menace (1993); Miracle on 34th Street (1994); Baby's Day Out (1994); 101 Dalmatians (1996); Home Alone 3 (1997); Flubber (1997); Reach the Rock (1998); The Visitors (2000). He produced Only the Lonely (1991).
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