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Broomfield, Nick
Synopses, trailers and contact information.
Cohen, Richard
Producer and distributor of films dealing with a range of social issues. Film information and links.
Darvas, János
Director of documentaries and live TV broadcasts. Specializing in classical music, opera and performing arts for HDTV, film, television, video and DVD.
DeLeo, Maryann
Biography, film synopses, awards, and career highlights [requires Flash].
Ellen Bruno Films
Featuring Sundance award-winning documentary films by Ellen Bruno on human rights issues in Cambodia, Tibet and Burma, plus extensive resource guides.
Fischer, Steven
Production weblog and links.
Folke Ryden
Reporter, producer and director working in Sweden with his own production company, Genibild AB.
Gliner, Bob
Award-winning documentary filmmaker. Includes biography, filmography, reviews and awards, plus clips from his film "Making a Difference" about volunteering.
Green, Lorna
Biography and resume, plus information on her latest project.
Hansen, Nathaniel
Biography, overview of works including synopses and trailers, weblog, and links.
Heyden, Saskia
Berlin-based filmmaker. Curriculum vitae, filmography, current events, and contact information.
Imagofilm Lugano
Features filmography, biography of Villi Hermann, and awards.
Jan Krawitz, Documentary Filmmaker
A brief professional biography and links to the documentary films Jan Krawitz has produced since 1975.
Jay Rosenblatt Films
A site dedicated to the dozen acclaimed independent documentary and experimental films of the Sundance Festival winning filmmaker.
Kaul, Rajesh
Profile, film synopses and photo gallery.
Kerry Seed
Background on the documentary producer and clips from his portfolio of stories.
Kevin Knoblock
Documentary filmmaker. Includes news, biography, press, clips, photos and Border War diary.
Melkom, A.G.
Profile of this director, producer and writer, and her career in films, television, commercials and music videos.
Mierendorf, Michael
Award winning producer/director of documentary films and television news specials.
Mire, Pat
Louisiana-based filmmaker. Biography, filmography, media, current projects, and contact information.
Okazaki, Steven
Award-winning documentary, short and feature director.
Palmer, Tony
Features biography of the music director and details of his films.
Pennebaker Hegedus Films
Independent documentary filmmakers DA Pennabaker and Chris Hegedus official site. Includes information on the filmmakers, news, details of films and archive footage.
Rambeck, Guido
Documentary filmmaker and cinematographer from Munich, Germany. Filmography, curriculum vitae, and contact information.
Ruth Cullen
Details of her films "Becoming Julia", "Painted Lady" and "The Tightrope Dancer".
Schecter, Steven
Resume, equipment, projects, filmography, and contact information.
Sen, Gautam
Independent filmmaker and writer from India. Film information, weblog, and links.
Seyfert, J. Michael
Produces social justice films focused on Latin America. Includes production photographs and links to films.
Smith, Chris
The Onion AV Club interviews the American Movie director on chronicling the efforts of struggling Wisconsin filmmaker Mark Borchardt.
Tom Chambers Documentary and Visual Arts
Introduction and discussion of the artist's documentary and visual arts projects.
Vincent Detours & Dominique Henry
Co-directors of film and radio documentaries about health and human rights issues. Brief profiles, film information, press kits, and contact details.
Wagner, Clive R.
Documentary as well as television and commercial director.
Whalen, Michael T.
Writer, producer and director from San Jose, California. Biography, filmography, related news, and contact information.
Tel-Aviv based film production company. Short introduction, gallery and contact details.

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