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Story about how the Arab world perceives the American war with Iraq, with an emphasis on Al Jazeera's coverage.
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Adnan Khan's review of the film during the 2004 Dubai International Film Festival
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Cast, crew, reviews, plot summary, user comments, and showtimes.
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Reviews and ratings from professional movie critics of the Al Jazeera documentary by Jehane Noujaim, award-winning Arab-American filmmaker.
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Interview with documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim about her film, an inside look at the controversial al-Jazeera Arab-language news agency, by Tony Cox.
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Review of the documentary about the television network and its Iraq war coverage. Includes a video of the interview with director Jehame Noujaim by Alison Stewart.
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Philip Kennicott's review of the documentary about al-Jazeera and the differing Arab and American perspectives of the Iraq war.
Aljazeera: Film about Aljazeera strikes a chord
Article on the reactions of Arab viewers to a screening of the documentary at the Dubai International Film Festival. (December 08, 2004)
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