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Christened Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, Austrian Classical Period composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) ranks among the greatest composers of all time. A child prodigy who died at a young age, Mozart began playing and composing at an age where many are still learning to speak and interact verbally with others. Not only was he precocious, he was also prolific, with an output rarely matched by composers of any period.
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The Mozart Project
Life, times and music: complete Köchel listing, bibliography, biography, links, and commentary on individual compositions.
Artist Direct: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Biography, links to other sites, and audio downloads.
Association Mozart Italia
Italian organization dedicated to developing the study of the life and works of Mozart. Includes objectives, structure, history, gallery and news.
Classical Net: Wolfgang Amadé Mozart
Biography, discography, and complete updated Koechel catalog of works.
Find a Grave: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A brief biography on the composer, as well as information about his death and grave.
Mozart Immortal
Fan-site. Section of art, letters from Mozart, quotes, and information. - Mozart's 250th Birthday
A worldwide center for Mozart's 250th Birthday. Making Mr. W. Amadeus Mozart relevant to contemporary society, a cultural dedication.
NMA - Neue Mozart-Ausgabe
A digitized facsimile edition of most of Mozart's instrumental and vocal music.
Schiller Institute: Bach, Mozart, and the Musical Midwife
Speculation preceding examination of known facts about Amadeus transcribing music by Sebastian. Includes looks at other related composers and certain theoretical studies.
A Visit to Maria Anna Thekla Mozart - Wolfgang's Bäsle
An account of the cousin of the composer, written in the first person in German and English versions.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Brief biography emphasizing his connections with Freemasonry.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Biography with musical examples, articles, audio (MP3) files, downloadable documents, catalogue by genre and by Koechel number, critique of the movie "Amadeus".
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Directory of free mp3s that have been made available by the performing artists sorted by name, genre, and year. From Classic Cat.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Filmography at IMDb from 1922 to the present lists some 300 movies and television programs which have used or featured his music. Includes biography and related links.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Brief biography, portrait, evaluation of his talent, and recommended CDs and videos.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: An Overview
Entry at mfiles with career overview and links to related composers, plus music examples presented as Sheet Music, MIDI audio, and MP3 files.

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