Boy genius Quinn Mallory has discovered a way to visit parallel versions of Earth through a vortex. But when he tries it the first time, he and three others are accidentally sucked in and find themselves stuck traveling from one Earth to another, unable to get home. Stars included Jerry O'Connell, John Rhys-Davies, Sabrina Lloyd, and Cleavant Derricks.
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Alternate Earth 117
UK-based site providing articles, episode guide, fan fiction, and picture gallery.
Dimension of Continuity
Focuses on explaining the television series through essays, a behind the scenes FAQ, script outtakes, prop images, video clips and bloopers.
Earth 62
Featuring current news and schedules, image intensive episode guide, magazine archive, video and audio clips, games and message board.
Offers an episode guide, reviews, interviews, fan fiction and a list of the worlds visited by the characters.
Gate Haven
Sliders humor resource featuring fan fiction, video and audio clips, art, games and reviews.
Hulu - Sliders
Universal Studios official Sliders website including full length episodes available for free viewing.
Save Sliders Network
An effort to bring back Sliders in some form such as another season, mini-series or a movie.
Sliders fan blog containing news, episode reviews, desktop wallpapers, games and discussion.
Sliders at CyberPursuits
Sliders link directory also featuring images and sound bites.
Sliders Bulletin Board Hall of Fame
An archive of noteworthy posts from the network's official bulletin board. Also includes interactive fan location map, fan fiction and official scripts.
The Sliders E-Mail Role Play
Contains contact information and character information for players.
Includes an episode guide, article transcripts and fan fiction.
Sliders: The Timer
Includes Sliders news, rare interviews, games, and images. French translated into English. Sliders
Includes cast information, an episode guide, a goofs guide and viewer comments.

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