Emoticons (also called smileys) are used in email, chat and other Net communication. They allow the writer to show humour, sarcasm, etc. This is useful in the typewritten medium of the Internet where communication can be misunderstood. Smileys are faces made from the basic keyboard (ASCII) characters. To 'read' them look at them sideways. :-) Text based only, not web graphics. See Emojis.
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Bronwen and Claire's Really Huge Emoticon Collection
The original emoticon site. Common and not so common emoticons.
Cool Smileys
An attempt to create a list of all the text emoticons and smileys in the world.
Cute Kaomoji
Directory of images.
Emoticon Central
Directory of text-based emoticons and smileys to use in online forums and email.
Emoticons or Smileys
A sequence of ordinary characters you can find on your computer keyboard. Emoticons are used in e-mail and other forms of communication.
Helwig's Smiley Dictionary
Built on December, 1994 from another smiley page.
Japanese Emoticons
Collection of kaomoji text faces.
A collection of kaomoji, Japanese emoticons, kawaii emoticons.
Looking for Sigmund Freud's Smiley
Five states of a smiley of Sigmund Freud. Emoticons leading to a gif, a dedicated signature.
NetLingo: Smileys and Emoticons
Online directory to look up words, acronyms, smileys, ASCII art, whatever you don't understand.
Online Smiley Faces and Emoticons
A collection of smiley faces used in Internet messages..
Sharpened: Emoticons
A list of emoticons used in email, online chat, and instant messaging.
Smiley Lore :-)
Scott E. Fahlman writes about how he started smileys in text email.
Smiley's Collection
This page was made to show all the types of smileys there are in the world (or close to it).
Smileys and Emoticons
Recommended emoticons and smileys for email communication.
Star Trek Smileys
Star Trek smileys and emoticons. A short introduction to smileys.
Guardian Unlimited: Emoticons
Article by Sam Mohun. Published on the 20th anniversary of the smiley. (September 19, 2002)
Fast Company: Wipe That Smile off Your Face
Linguist, Naomi Baron, predicts that abbreviations will replace emoticons and that electronic communication will grow increasingly cryptic as groups develop their own secret codes. (March 31, 2001)
FastCompany: He Seconds That Emotion
Article about Scott Fahlman and emoticon use. Fahlman is the originator of the "emotional icon," or "emoticon". (March 31, 2001)
Smiley's People
Neal Stephenson's anti-smiley screed from The New Republic. (September 13, 1993)
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