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Badani, Pat
Five installation projects including such materials and concepts as bread bowl cities, a weevil invasion, and hundreds of concave figures molded from a plastic toy gorrilla.
Image and Likeness - a pictorial installation. This exhibition by Venezuelan artist Bugallo is based on Gericault's Raft of the Medusa.
Cotterrell, David
This site documents a selection of public art, installation and time-based projects by the British artist, David Cotterrell.
Curtis, Amy Stacey
Displays solo-biennial exhibits of interactive installation and new-media works in the mills of various Maine towns. Also charcoal and graphite drawings.
Davis, Jamie
Portfolio and resume.
Ditmars, Jason
Documentation of artworks by NYC based artist, including interactive, electronic installations.
Doeman, Paul
A London-based contemporary artist. The style of art can be described as modern and urban with a creatively conceptual edge.
Fichter, Celeste
A visual artist specializing in installation art. The site explores various projects artist has created.
Fortunato, Nick and Seymour, Erin
Site for video, performance and installation artists.
Frank, Tamar
Site-specific installations involving light, space and visual perception by Tamar Frank.
Gamba, Laurent La
Artist concentrating on photographic installations dealing with camouflage. His work juggles with the idea of natural procrypsis in the urban space.
Geyer, Beata
A Polish-Australian contemporary visual artist working in various media including installation, painting, photography and digital.
Hamlyn, Jim
Online catalogue of the work of British artist Jim Hamlyn. Installation materials include electric light, water, glass and natural light.
Hartung, Georg
German artist. Works include kinetic art, installation, projection, object art and mixed media.
Hongisto, Eric
Featuring the artwork of the artist.
Jaeggi, Urs
Writer, painter, sculptor. Born in Switzerland 1931, lives in Berlin, Germany. Biography, works, exhibitions, texts.
Jerram, Luke
A colour blind installation artist, who fuses his artistic sculptural practice with his scientific and perceptual studies.
Jonhson, Nigel
British interactive installation artist.
Kahn, Ned
Public artworks inspired by natural phenomena such as wind, water and fire. Kahn's artworks are installed in museums and public spaces worldwide.
Kraus, Pavel
New York based artist, mixed media sculpture and site-specific installation art.
Laramee, Eve Andree
Installation art and performative sculpture.
Lee, Goghwen
Korean installation and performance artist.
Leonelli, Dante
Documents the work of artist from the 60s to the present.
Mankus, Sally
Mixed media installations and sculpture. This work integrates photography, domestic objects and materials such as rust and carbon.
Marcogliese, Catherine
Canadian artist in France. These installations combine photography with organic objects and deal with the subject of nature.
McMillan, Murray and Megan
Performance installations artist.
Muelas, Federico
A media artist living and working in New York, His work comprises installation pieces, video art and interactive works.
Newberry, Steve
Portfolio of environmental installations that investigate the desire to appropriate nature.
Nicholls, Graham
Installation art and video by London based artist and film maker. Narrative works by artist who believes all art is a kind of visual autobiography. Flash, videos and still images.
Pinsky, Michael
Visual artist based in London, specialising in Installation and Public Art.
Plummer, Lyn
Installation artist from Australia living and working in Dunedin, New Zealand. Elaborate and lavish constructions dealing with public and religious ceremony.
Prisble, Renee
Artist's work to date includes installation, sculpture (muti-media and cast metal), video, photography, and drawing.
Rinaldo, Kenneth E.
Creates multimedia sculpture and robotic installations which look to the intersection and synthesis of our natural and technological cultures.
Shiota, Chiharu
Installation and Performance Artist
Sina, Alejandro and Moira
Light Artists based in Boston. The use of single electrode Neon and almost invisible wiring, enables the artists to create large ethereal lightworks.
Skomski, Thomas
Conceptual sculpture and installation combining metal, wood, rubber, and mixed materials. Meditative works influenced by a study of Eastern Philosophy.
Stefanov, Gligor
Installations created from organic materials.
Tenkink, Iris
Video and mixed media in installations, performances and film. Themes are language and the interpretation of space and their relation to each other. Portfolio and resume.
Weiland, Roll
Interactive wooden sound sculptures.
Wolfson, Jordan
Video installation artist. Video stills, descriptions, contact, cv, video clips.
Youngs, Amy
Interactive sculptures and installations using kinetics, sound, plants and insects.
Zebzda, Wayne
Multimedia artist, mainly dealing with installations, sculpture, and video.

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