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Installation art or site-specific art is work that utilizes/transforms the entire environment in which it is presented. This category deals with installation art with a high sculptural content.
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Barber, Ross
Australian artist archive of installation sculpture and exhibitions in a range of media.
Bews, Philip and Gorvin, Diane
Public, site-specific sculpture of a wide range of materials including carved stone and wood, and modeled plaster or clay sculptures for casting into bronze or glass. Coleford, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK.
Blankman, Judith
Architecturally-inspired structures reference their social contexts, including performance activations (structure movement, audience participation, and composed and random sound). California, USA
Booth, Chris
Site-specific and culturally-sensitive installations of stone and natural materials based on natural forms and spiritual inspiration. New Zealand.
Ceraso Studio
Public art, sculpture, and installations using a variety of discarded and repurposed materials to create complex narratives.
Cooke, Peter
Website detailing works by deceased artist (2011) of mixed media sculpture installations that reference cultural myths
Freeman, Chris
Light sculpture and architectural lighting use neon, ceramics, and cold cathode for indoor and outdoor artistic and architectural applications. New York City, USA.
Gavarini, Jehanne-Marie
Works address issues such as violence, gender, and the compulsion for standardization and conformity with the juxtaposition of hard elements such as concrete, metal, and hardware, with soft materials such as fabric, white bread, and rubber.
Haselden, Ron
Light sculptures and architectural installations using neon, LEDs, film and video as well as drawing and painting.
Heinsdorff, Markus
Design with nature
Hirose, Yuriko
Installations representing Ki-energy-- blend of futuristic elements that reflect evolving science and machinery, and primitive elements such as life force and passion (energy) that reflect the more fundamental aspects of modern humans.
Holden, Peter William
Exploring cinematography and sculpture using computers and robotic elements to create real-time animations.
Holt, Debra
Paintings, sculptures and installations.
Holtsman, Leila
Mixed-material sculpture and site murals, working with natural forms and earthen palettes. Includes gallery, exhibitions, biography and blog. Based in Arlington, Virginia.
Hovnanian, Rachel
Installation art sculpture in white.
Howe, Anthony A
Abstract, organic kinetic sculptures from various metals and polymers. Eastsound, Washington, U.S.A.
iwase, junichiro
Artist uses the egg theme to create mixed media sculpture, photography, masks, and paintings.
Jerlach, Lars; Stringfellow, Helen
Tectonic Industries: a collaborative exploring the relationship between artifice and reality through mixed-media installations.
Johnson, Steve
Wall sculptures/watercolours juxtapose "Deep Time" (archeological term) with its contemporary surface. Whatever the building or place represented, the dialogue between the built environment and the earth is always vertical - between above and below.
Karkut, Ted
Manipulation of plant material into works and installations positing a new ground for contemplation and elegant thought.
Kim Norton
Ceramic artist's work encompasses ideas based around weight, physical presence and scale. Projects, biography and blog.
Knowles, Elizabeth
Organic, biology-based works of mixed media, including sculpture, video, drawings, printed text coalesced into site-specific installations.
Konrad, Michael
Sculptural and video installations which examine the boundaries of public and private space using traffic and construction materials.
Kornfeld, Douglas
Exhibitions, public art installations and interactive art design.
A series of installations in cities by Nino (Giambattista) that are reflections on the urban environment and the role of water in all its different forms--an aquatic journey and new geography with light tools.
Maas, Geert
Exhibits of works in two and three dimensions in a variety of media, creating sculptures paintings, reliefs, and medallic art.
Mills, Russell
Chronology of life and work, whether as individual or with others.
Moonen, Rob
Upstream Amsterdam 2002: Site specific post-colonialist installation
Morgan, Claire
Visual artist creates contemporary sculpture and installation art. Born in Belfast, she now lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne, and creates work in galleries and public places.
Mueller, Regi
Minimal art with a tinge of sensuousness: wall and floor installations, serigraphs.
Mulvihill, Tiki
Vancouver-based installations and sculptural work use fictional premises to address issues of boundaries and land-use.
O'Donnell, Michael
Photography, video, sound, light, cast objects, wood combined in large-scale poetic installations referencing a social/political undertow. British, living in Norway.
Osman, Jim
Architectural and furniture forms to create sculptures and installations that combine, layer, and compress different kinds of space.
Perkins, Roger
Studio practice involves the use of transient materials to relate to the subject narrative of Home.
Peskens, Martyn
Installations with forms in light. Netherlands.
Pilar, Monica Praba
Site specific installation, performance, sculpture, mixed media and political works exploring technology and community through site works, performances, street theatre, writing and websites
Plant, Andy
Interactive mechanical sculptures and civic clocks; projects transforming theatrical sets, vehicles, and props.
Rackham, Melinda
Mosaic and sculptural public art as well as online digital art and narratives
Rackowe, Nathaniel
Large scale sculptural works combining light and materials designed to interact with their architectural environment.
Kinetic sculptures (large to monumental; indoor and outdoor) driven by water, wind, electricity, and brainwaves.
Rathbun, Mike
Fabricated large ship-like forms of raw pine plow through wooden waves; other installations create strange and irrational places.
Rinaldo, Ken
Interdisciplinary interactive media art installations look to the intersection between natural and technological systems
Rogers, David
Big Bugs exhibit: Larger-than-life sculptures combinine rustic construction with engineering in fourteen subject areas of fourty garden creatures. Glenwood Landing, NY
Schuelke, Bjoern
Sculpture, installations, and media art.
Scrupe, Mara Adamitz
Environmental sculpture and art, including the places, creatures, and experiences that influence her work.
Singer, Christian Bernard
Eco-installations incorporate plant life, clay, bronze, found objects, video and other elements into living installations that oscillate between permanence and ephemera and turn on notions of interior/exterior space and place.
Skoglund, Sandy
Conceptual installation artist displays images of recent work, including installation views. Jersey City, New Jersey
Sperber, Devorah
Installations and sculptural art constructed from thousands of spools of Coats and Clark thread; Humanity--a living installation of interactive art and stone sculptures.
Sproat, Christopher
Sculptural installations of light, drawings, functional public art, custom furniture, lamps.
Toshihiro, Sakuma
Installation art
Toth, John
Inter-media installation artist who specializes in 3D animations that are projected into large fabric environments.
Valdez, Nora
Driftwood Beach projects and public art. Utilizes sculpture and installations to create images that reflect on the nature of change, the life of the individual, and the natural or societal forces. Argentina
Vecchio, Chris
Interactive sculpture and installation art explores the relationship between man and technology. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wela (Elisabeth Wierzbicka)
Monumental installations borrow ideas from the surface, volume and materials in contemporary painting and sculpture. She works with memory and identity, erasing and dividing time, nature and coexistence.
Woods, Arthur
Cosmic Dancer Sculpture: space exploration, scientific and technological developments led to a space art project sent to the Mir Space Station, May 22, 1993. American residing in Switzerland.
Young, John T
Fin Project: From Swords Into Plowshares: Environmentally-scaled installation of nuclear submarine fins to create artwork about world peace. Seattle, Washington and Miami, Florida
Zarins, Joyce Audy
Installations combine longevity, vitality, usefulness and beauty toward capturing nature's metaphors in steel and through scale. Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA

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